Review Scene: Men With No Shame Tour – Feat. Glen Matlock & Slim Jim Phantom – The Flying Saucer Club, March 5th 2016

Pistols, cats and wolves don’t usually make happy roommates, but somehow manage to make beautiful music. Bring together Glen Matlock, the original bass player from the Sex Pistols, the drummer from the Stray Cats, Slim Jim Phantom and two Melbourne boys from Rumblin’ Wolf, Dizzy Davidson and Jake Schembri, and what you have is a small scale Babel that somehow works.

Photo by Mary Boukouvalas. Click to see the full gallery.

Who would have ever believed that these icons of rock would be appearing at a suburban venue in a blue ribbon area? The Flying Saucer Club was the perfect venue to enable fans to get up close and personal to their idols, yet large enough to hold enough people to create a party vibe. The young punks cleared out after The Mercy Kills finished their set and allowed the lovers of old school punk and rockabilly to gather front and centre for what was a very memorable gig.

The set list was unexpected considering that Phantom and Matlock have both been involved in many different projects since the Sex Pistols and Stray Cats disbanded, yet to our delight many of their most memorable songs took us on a journey back in time.

We landed in the late 70’s when London contained its fair share of impoverished youth and the have nots were questioning and rebelling against authority and the inequitable spread of wealth. Matlock is credited with co-writing ten of the twelve songs on Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols. The punks in Matlock’s days with the Pistols had balls. They didn’t just dress to look the part in expensive designer punk trash. Their clothes WERE trash, they had a transient, uncertain lifestyle and their futures looked grim so they did the only thing they could…they made a noise. Some of that noise has become classic.

Phantom had a different upbringing but his interest in jazz and his tuition by some of the greats in that field ensured that whichever band he played drums in gained someone with credentials that everyone had to respect.

Photo by Mandy Hall. Click to see the full gallery.

On this night, we were treated to so much musical goodness, ‘God Save The Queen’, ‘Ambition’, ‘Runaway Boys’, ‘Rock This Town’ and ‘John I’m Only Dancing’, which sent the punters into a frenzy. The highlight by a small margin was ‘Pretty Vacant’ and apart from the fact that we were all a tad older, we could quite easily have been at The Vortex – such was the energy. To cheekily borrow a line from The Damned, ‘Old school is the new cool’.

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