Review Scene: Luisa Omielan – Am I Right Ladies?!, Victoria Hotel, 26th March, 2016

Luisa Omielan’s star is on the rise. Following last year’s phenomenally successful stand up debut What Would Beyonce Do?! , Omielan’s latest show Am I right Ladies?! continues with her self assured, empowering words, whose rhetorical question, Am I right bitches? to the predominantly female crowd is asked throughout the show. The beloved Spanx also make a welcome appearance again to cheers and screams of appreciation.

As audience members take their seats, Omielan is dancing with abandon to Hanson’s MMMbop. Thank fully her musical taste has no bearing on the quality of her stand up and her quick witted retort to an early heckler is genius.

Omielan is fast talking, passionate and gesticulates wildly as she makes her point about Body Image, Sex, Relationships and Mental Health. She confesses that she wrote her last show whilst depressed, and hopes that this show which she wrote whilst happy makes as much impact. She needn’t fear, from the healing powers of her vagina, to her quest for full blown romantic love, and ending with a sing along to Adele, and a reenactment from Dirty Dancing, Omielan’s Am I right Ladies?! is as powerful as her debut, leaving all who leave with a spring in their step. Highly Recommended.



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