Review Scene: Hellelujah – Drowning Pool 2016

Drowning Pool has gone through four different vocalists over their ten years of rocking out. Their sixth studio album Hellelujah shows that a great band can persevere and keep cranking out hard and heavy hits.

Drowning_Pool_Hellelujah-1024x1024 Hellelujah is jam packed with songs of rebellion, resistance, and survival alongside some great metal anthems should that get the blood pumping and the mosh pits sprawling. The core musical talent from C.J Pierce (Guitars), Stevie Benton (Bass) and Mike Luce (Drums) remains spectacular. The chemistry between the core trio and Jason Moreno’s vocal work is magnificent, who certainly lives up to the esteemed lineage of the band.

Kicking off with an explosive start is ‘Push’, which sets the tone for the album. It’s loud, rebellious and features growling verses that turn into a pumping chorus. In fact, Hellelujah seems to embrace choruses that hook the listener into head banging along to the rhythm. Multiple verses from tracks like ‘By the Blood’ and ‘Snake Charmer’ tunnel their way into your brain and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

The album flaunts its darkness with tracks like ‘We are the Devil’, which starts off with a quaint 1950’s gospel song about Jesus and the Devil that turns into a brutally cynical song that just begs to be sung along to. If that’s not creepy enough for you, Drowning Pool have you covered with the haunting intro to ‘Meet the Bullet’. Nursery rhymes can be spine chilling by themselves, but they take on a whole new layer of disturbing when the lyrics are twisted to include suicide.

While the majority of the album strike hard and lasts with the listener, there is a certain amount of momentum lost. Some of the latter songs feel somewhat forgettable, especially when the rest of the album is crammed so full of metal anthems. Drowning Pool end on a high note with the incredibly energetic ‘All Saints Day’. Hellelujah is an exceptional testament to Drowning Pool’s persistence.

From left to right: Stevie Benton, Mike Luce, Jason Moreno, C. J. Pierce

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