Review Scene: Evanescence, Rod Laver Arena, 30th August 2023 by Evelyn Perkins

Evanescence’s 20th Anniversary “Fallen” Tour: A Night of Unforgettable Emotion

The anticipation was noticeable as I braved the freezing rain along Olympic Boulevard, joining a sea of excited fans waiting to witness Evanescence live on stage. It was the 20th-anniversary tour of their iconic album “Fallen,” and expectations were soaring. The closeness among fellow fans waiting in line was heartwarming, a testament to the enduring power of Evanescence’s music.

From the very first note to the closing, Evanescence delivered an immaculate and profoundly emotional show. Amy Lee, the band’s iconic frontwoman, alongside her talented band members, forged a connection so deep that the music felt complete. Every member of the band was in perfect harmony with their instruments, never missing a beat in Lee’s powerful songs.  The connection between them was evident in their physical performance on stage and in the music itself. The connection with the audience was also evident and Lee further ingratiated herself to the crowd when stating proudly that the band was now complete for there was an Aussie in the band, Emma Anzai of Sick Puppies on bass.

Lee’s transformation from a humble, confident conversationalist to a powerhouse singer was incredible to witness. Her confidence radiated onto everyone in the crowd, drawing us into her world. The entire band, as well as the audience, became lost in the music, collectively sharing an ephemeral moment of unity.

The concert began with the evocative “Broken Pieces Shine,” setting the tone for an amazing night. Emotions swelled as they seamlessly transitioned into classics like “Going Under”, “Take Cover”, and “Call Me When You’re Sober” with the entire crowd chanting along to the chorus, hands held high.

Lee’s vocal prowess was nothing short of astonishing. She delivered every note flawlessly, sounding as if her studio-recorded songs had come to life. Her ability to hit every high note with ease left the audience in awe. The band complemented her beautifully, their music a heartfelt dance around Amy Lee’s voice.

The stage came alive with an intricate light show, perfectly synchronized with the music’s beats. It transformed the stage and the entire arena into a living, breathing entity. As the crowd raised their flashlights in unison, the arena was bathed in a warm, comforting glow, further amplifying the sense of unity.

The entire performance was an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime, experience. Regrets were non-existent; it was a night filled with love, friendliness, and music that will be etched in memory forever. Evanescence’s 20th-anniversary tour of “Fallen” was not just a concert; it was an emotional journey shared by fans, a night that will remain a cherished memory for years to come.

Evelyn Perkins

Multiple Grammy wins and two decades on, the debut album Fallen from American rockers EVANESCENCE remains one of the most influential albums of the turn of the century. A critical and commercial triumph, fans can now witness highlights from the gothic beauty of the 2003 debut release and a career spanning set of fan favourites this year, with EVANESCENCE thrilled to announce their return to Australia this August and September celebrating 20 years of Fallen.

Starting life when EVANESCENCE vocalist Amy Lee and co-founder Ben Moody began writing and recording songs in the mid 90s, 2003’s Fallen would go on to score five nominations at the 2004 Grammy Awards, winning Best Hard Rock Performance and Best New Artist, with the album’s symphonic and delicate ballad My Immortal also scoring an additional nomination at the Grammy Awards the following year.

Hitting the top 10 charts in multiple countries upon its release, including Australia and a #1 in the UK, Fallen sold 10 million copies in the US alone, with over 17 million copies sold worldwide and officially reaching diamond certification in late 2022.

Fallen’s lush and gloomy beauty memorably blended symphonic elements with goth, rock, metal and hooks aplenty, while also garnering significant attention for lead singles Bring Me to Life, Going Under, My Immortal and Everybody’s Fool. And while the album has gone on to be included in the likes of Rolling Stone’s ‘The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time’ and praise lauded for Lee’s macabre tinge that set the band apart from their nu metal contemporaries at the time, Fallen also ultimately set the scene for a long-term legacy from the Arkansas-hailing group, who are now in command of five studio albums including 2021’s powerful and intimate outing The Bitter Truth which debuted at #3 on the ARIA chart, which marked the band’s highest debut in 15 years.

Following multiple worldwide tours, The Open Door followed Fallen’s footsteps, going on to sell more than five million copies, before the self-titled Evanescence in 2011 debuted at #1 on the ARIA album chart and Billboard Chart. EVANESCENCE went down both very new and familiar paths for their fourth and most ambitious release to date, Synthesis, in 2017 alongside a worldwide Synthesis Live tour combining their intense live performances and timeless songwriting with a powerful live orchestra, before unveiling The Bitter Truth in 2021, hitting the top 10 of multiple international album charts and marking itself on multiple Best of 2021 release lists worldwide.

Renowned for their enamouring live show as much as they are for their haunting, potent and visceral material, this marks the band’s first Australian tour since their sublime run with local symphony orchestras in 2018 so get set to revisit the album that started it all and beyond when EVANESCENCE return to our shores to celebrate 20 years of Fallen.

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