Review Scene: Buckcherry – 170 Russell St, March 14th 2016

Buckcherry, the heavy rock juggernaut from Anaheim in California has to be one of the most underrated bands in the history of the genre. Formed in 1995, the band’s longevity speaks volumes for the talent and fortitude of this old school no bullshit rock n’ roll outfit. That’s exactly what Buckcherry has called its newest L.P. that was released late last year…Rock n’ Roll.

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You can’t expect anything less from Josh Todd and Keith Nelson, who formed what eventually was to become Buckcherry after being introduced by their tattoo artist. Todd and Nelson also share a love of Ac/Dc, and their music has much the same vibe and themes as the music of the group that provides major inspiration.

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So we were at 170 Russell to unleash our inner Bogan and to get a good going over, musically speaking, by Todd and the band. Neither late nor early, the guys took the stage with little fanfare except for the air of anticipation and cheering of the punters. The venue on this night wasn’t a sell out so there was room to dance or mosh and go a little bit feral with the head banging. From the time the first strains of ‘Lit Up’ hit the ether, the Jim Beam fuelled fans showed their appreciation.

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Todd could give many a rock vocalist lessons in charisma, but then you’ve either got it or you ain’t…and he’s got IT by the bucket load. Jump said Todd, and we jumped. Backed by his highly competent band comprising Nelson, Stevie D. Xavier Muriel and Kelly LeMieux, we clapped, sang and danced our way through fifteen gloriously straight-up rock songs.

It was difficult to choose a highlight, but the crowd went a little extra crazy for ‘Crazy Bitch’ and almost lived the Icona Pop parody song ‘Say Fuck It’. All too soon it was time for the final song of the night ‘Too Drunk’, and those who were (too drunk) staggered out into the night having realised they’d had a bloody great time.

If you want to see a frilly, navel gazing, deep and ponderously philosophical, intensely purposeful, seriously meaningful, fashionable hipster type unit then maybe stay home and trim your beard and sip your latte the next time Buckcherry hit town. The rest of us will be rocking out at the show.


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