Review Scene : Beau Heartbreaker, MICF review – Melbourne Town Hall, 2nd April 2015

Selina Jenkins’ male alter ego, Beau Heartbreaker is a humble dairy farmer from the country.  His laid back style puts the audience at ease immediately, in the cosy Backstage Room at the Town Hall. Latecomers are greeted with kindness and humour. There’s no chance of derogatory put downs from Beau because he’s a good old fashioned  country bloke, with a penchant for flannel, singing and travel. Because he’s a good sort, we lean in to listen to his story and laugh at his jokes and observations. Slowly, bit by bit, Beau reveals more about himself, and towards the end, the secret that’s been burning him up inside.

Beau’s first song tells of his life in rural Victoria, while his second song is about sporting a beard and its complexities. His voice is heartfelt, clear and beautiful; his guitar playing succinct. Beau wants to visit the wider world and does so by spinning a globe to see where he’ll end up. Mongolia is his travel destination. Through pictures and song he regales us with his adventures, climate change, eating an unknown foodstuff and its potential harmful consequences and living simply, but there’s also a deeper subtext to his story, that moves us and makes us think about our choices in life.

Beau Heartbreaker challenges stereotypes, sexuality, gender,  and otherness in an intelligently woven story.  So convincing is  multi award-winning performer Jenkins, she completely embodies the character of Beau and you quickly forget she’s a woman in a beard. Beau Heartbreaker is at once beautiful, thought- provoking, poignant and funny.  Highly Recommended.


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