Review Scene: APIA Good Times Tour feat. Brian Cadd, Joe Camilleri, Kate Cebrano, Russell Morris, The Palais, 25th May 2019

The Palais has probably hosted all of these artists at one time or another over the decades but the APIA Good Times Tour was a bit different. This night was about an amalgamation of classic Aussie talent coupled with an ecstatically appreciative audience. Legendary and beloved artists Vika and Linda Bull, Brian Cadd, Joe Camilleri, Kate Cebrano, Russell Morris, Ross Wilson and John Paul Young were all in finest form and ready to entertain.

APIA Good TImes Tour – Palais, 25th May 2019 by Mary Boukouvalas

Beginning promptly at 7.30 each artist performed solo, entertaining us with hit after thigh thumping hit. Vika and Linda began with a flawless version of Paul Kelly’s We Started a Fire – one of the few people arguably better than the great man himself. Kate Cebrano was such a performer. Her presence on stage was as powerful as her smile and her body movements on stage complimented her dynamic rendition of Pash.

Age has not affected Joe Camilleri in the slightest. His energy, voice and instrumentals were highly infectious developing a symbiotic connection with the audience. Brian Cadd, the granddaddy of Australian rock, was a sobering presence. His beautiful rendition of A Little Ray of Sunshine took us back decades to a time that was simpler, less critical; the pang of nostalgia fierce.

APIA Good TImes Tour – Palais, 25th May 2019 by Mary Boukouvalas

The whole of the second half was dedicated to the artists entering and exiting the stage in groups of three or more, singing electrifying classics such as: Harley and Rose, Shape I’m In, Come Said The Boy and the most magical performance of The Real Thing. Thank God for Russell Morris. Growing up with that song garners it familiarity but hearing the soaring rendition live was something else. Finishing up with Eagle Rock and Love Is In The Air was like an adrenaline shot for any of the pensioners that might have been nodding off. Out of seats, bopping, shouting out lyrics that are as familiar as our own names left us feeling high, refreshed and yes GOOD! The APIA Good Times Tour is important for giving our precious talent a platform to reinvent and reinvigorate both artist and audience alike.