Review Scene: Alison Moyet

Margaret Court Arena October 7, 2017

Alison Moyet began “The Other Tour” with the poetic April 10th– an apt introduction highlighting her new sound and approach to her career. Flanked on both sides by two keyboard/guitarists her powerhouse voice (foundation of her creativity) commanded its way throughout the whole set.

Nobody’s Diary, an early choice and written by Moyet “40 years ago when [she] was 16”, is still mesmeric from the opening chords; the synthesized sounds reminiscent of the British New Wave that hit the 80s and radiated its way around the globe. Heads were quickly bopping, grateful for a chance to remember a time less complicated.

Moyet was conversational throughout the show. She picked up on the Margaret Court controversy and placated the ‘YES’ leaning audience with her criticism of the conservative tennis player. She provided a positive review of her home Brighton, delivering its inclusive credentials to appreciative listeners. The English U, a new song and a homage to Moyet’s mother is a refrain celebrating English grammar and her mother’s ability to “always tell [her] what to read.” Alison proudly announced her grandmother credentials which punctuated the familial theme running through the show, and underscored a visibly more relaxed attitude as the night wore on.

Moyet prepared us for her encore by announcing that only a few songs would be sung so we could plan our trips home on the bus. It was time to dance, and dance we did by transporting ourselves back a few decades with Love Resurrection and the infectious Don’t Go. The spiky hair and smoky make up may have disappeared but what remains is a maturity and desire for creative output that hopefully will remain. A voice that amazing must continue to be relished for many years to come.