ReScene: Star Scene: Peter Hook of Joy Division, New Order, Peter Hook and The Light by Mary Boukouvalas

Ahead of his upcoming AUstralian tour, we re-visit Mary Boukouvalas’ interview with Peter Hook!

Peter Hook’s scene these days revolves around his computer and being nudged by his dog to take her out for a walk.

Quite a different scene to the Peter Hook most of his fans would associate him with. Hook, founding member of iconic bands Joy Division and New Order, with his wicked signature bass lines, is in Australia at the moment, completing a tell-all book about New Order, the band he calls “the independent Motley Crue”. Hook states, “When I did the Joy Division book, Joy Division were a very serious band, there never got tainted by any temptation, there was never any money, there was never any indulgence. When we got in to New Order, we certainly made up for that. And I’ll be delighted to let everybody’s indiscretion get a good public airing. Even my own”.

Hook’s sense of humour, honesty and courteous nature shines through the interview even though Hook says “I’m in one of my disgusted days today. They’re not all like that. Sometimes you look at it philosophically but today I’m in one of my disgusted”. His reasons and attitude stand fitting as he tells me “Don’t bother putting a positive slant on a bunch of bastards… I’m sat here doing the New Order book and, to be honest with you, I’m going through all the things we’d done together and funnily enough today is one of those days where I say you bunch of bastards after all we’ve been through you turn around in 2011 and reform the band without asking me, or telling me, and then decide to throw me five cents as a payoff”.

[pullquote]I’m in one of my disgusted days today. They’re not all like that. Sometimes you look at it philosophically but today I’m in one of my disgusted[/pullquote]Hook is resolute that a real New Order reformation is not occurring. “Judging by all the hatred in all our eyes, it looks to me like it (a permanent split). I mean I am pursuing a legal battle for what I consider an illegal use of the name but it hasn’t been tried yet. So I doubt it. It’s like you’re going through a very nasty divorce. A definite no”.

Since parting ways with NEW ORDER in 2007, Hooky has been busy touring with his band THE LIGHT with sell-out shows around the world. THE LIGHT have taken out extensive tours of Europe, Australia & New Zealand and the United States to rave reviews. “I’ve always like touring” Hook states. “One of the big problems I had with New Order, especially towards the end, was Bernard’s hatred of it, although he does seem to have been kidnapped by aliens these days because now he keeps saying he loves it. So I don’t know what happened to the Bernard I knew, the miserable bastard. Yeah so it was always a problem, with me and him, but I guess that’s just one of those things that makes bands interesting. If they all got on, it’d be very boring”.

Fri 21st Feb 2015
Testing Grounds, Melbourne
by Mary Boukouvalas

Hook, who celebrated his 59th birthday on the 13th February, has come a long way since he first began playing bass in Joy Division. He states, “My influences are quite simple – from the Sex Pistols, The Stranglers, The Clash. Punk did have a lasting effect. Musically we went passed that. For a band, we were young, 20, to be writing Unknown Pleasures, we were really ahead of our time. I don’t think we even realised it. I’m amazed the reaction that [my own music] is getting and for me to find a career playing the stuff the others won’t play is a bit bizarre. It’s very New Order actually, it’s very unique situation. We’re really unique in finding these weird things to do. From Hacienda Nightclub, to Factory Records, to now having two New Orders if you like. When we were with New Order it seemed quite normal to not celebrate anything to do with Joy Division and as New Order it had paid off.  The ignoring of Joy Division turned New Order into a huge international success. It worked. Focusing on that group worked. When you were outside the band, in 2007, Joy Division was getting bigger and it occurred to me that we had never celebrated Joy Division, not five, ten, 15, 20, 25 years and it was approaching 30 years, of Ian Curtis’ life. And because I had my own club in Manchester, FAC 251, I put a night on to celebrate 30 years of Ian’s life and it was as simply as that. I got a few ex-members of Monaco, and because I’d had no relation with Bernard and Steve for years, since 2008 when he took to lawyers. So there was no question of doing it with them, and they weren’t doing anything. So I got the band together to celebrate 30 years of Ian Curtis’.

“Bernard and Steve did complain at the time actually. Which was quite ironic because they had already toured and played a bunch of Joy Division and New Order songs without my permission, so they’re a bunch of bastards as I’ve said before. It was always the same with New Order. It was never do as I do, it was always do as I say, especially with Bernard. Steve was very quiet to be honest. Steve seems to have found his voice since we split up.  So yeah, they played it before me but I was the bad guy. So it naturally went from there.

[pullquote]The odd thing, the New Order set, in my opinion, towards the end, the set was getting really unadventurous, It was getting really boring, we were playing the same stuff over and over.[/pullquote]“The odd thing, the New Order set, in my opinion, towards the end, the set was getting really unadventurous, It was getting really boring, we were playing the same stuff over and over. Bernard didn’t want to play any of the old stuff and I found that annoying because I felt the old stuff had got us our following and yet we were just ignoring it. It was a just a real inflexibility and in my mind, a treading of the boards and doing as little as you possible could to get away with it. And it was just really boring to be honest, and frustrating.

“So when I came back, the idea of playing the LPs and celebrating the LP as an art form I stole off Bobby Gillispie of Primal Scream, who was doing it with Screamadelica. I dug these songs up and some of them haven’t been played for 25 years. There’s a fabulous website that you can go on and see the last time a particular band has played a particular song and I was looking at Way of Life off Brotherhood and it had been 28 years since it had been played. And I just thought that this is fucken ridiculous and it was as simple as that and it’s been fantastic to get them again and hear them, and play them with my boys, and literally my boy, because my son plays with me”.

Hook doesn’t like to take the easy way out. “I like [playing the LPs] because it’s more difficult to do. You’re asking a lot more from your audience. It’s not a greatest hits show, which as I’ve said before is like the easy way out.

Fri 21st Feb 2015 Testing Grounds, Melbourne by Mary Boukouvalas
Fri 21st Feb 2015
Testing Grounds, Melbourne
by Mary Boukouvalas

It’s quite interesting because as I’m doing the book I’m looking at the history of the group. And New Order was always awkward. Very rebellious, very anarchic attitude through everything they we did up until we split up in 1990 and then we came back together to do Republic, it became really boring.And it’s nice to get some of that awkwardness back for me. And to play the LPs you do have to concentrate more. Some of the songs are difficult to translate and some are easy. The way we dealt with that in New Order was we dropped the difficult ones. And just played the easy ones, and if you go see New Order now, that’s what you get – the easy ones. I mean the set is no different really to what we were playing when we got back together in 1995. Quite strange for me to witness”.

Last in Australia in 2009, Hook performed Joy Division’s classic Unknown Pleasures. He is back with his band The Light, for a very special evening comprised of New Order’s Low Life & Brotherhood albums performed in their entirety with a special opening set comprised of Joy Division material. Hook always has a great time in Australia and loves to come back. He says, “I’ve here a lot over the years – about ten times at least. Always had a great time.

When you look around and the quality of life, it’s always difficult to go back to England, but I’m lucky you see cause I get to travel the world and I have done for most of my life, so it doesn’t have the same impression on me cause luckily for me I’m off to something equally as nice usually and when I do get home it’s usually to recuperate. I’m a very lucky boy”.

Hindley St Music Hall
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Melbourne *Sold Out!*
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Astor Theatre
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Peter Hook & The Light
play Joy Division and New Order


PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT make a triumphant return to Australia to perform both New Order and Joy Division’s famed Substance compilations, sequentially and in their entirety in Australia and New Zealand in May 2024.

The bassist and co-founder of Joy Division and New Order has carved a loyal and inimitable following globally, as he brings both the Joy Division and New Order canons to life.

The two Substance compilations were released in 1987 and 1988 by Factory Records. New Order’s arrived first and featured the 12-inch mixes and B-sides of all their singles up to that point and included ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, ‘Temptation’, ‘Shellshock’ and ‘True Faith’. It was concocted by Factory boss Tony Wilson so he could listen to the tracks on his CD player in his car. It became Factory Records’ 200th release and remains the bestselling New Orderalbum.

Released the following year in July 1988, Joy Division’s Substancefeatures all the singles which did not appear on the albums such as‘Transmission’, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ and ‘Atmosphere’, as well as their B-sides, tracks from their EP An Ideal For Living and the Factory Records sampler. Factory Records’ 250th release, it begins with ‘Warsaw’and takes in the development of the band through ‘Digital’ and ‘Dead Souls’ to the band’s final tracks. The collection demonstrates the same energy as a full-length LP with several key B-sides added.

Peter Hook formed The Light to keep the music of Joy Division alive after lead singer Ian Curtis’s tragic death in 1980. Hooky has spent the last decade performing the works of New Orderand Joy Division to sell out audiences around the world. These shows are the only way to experience Joy Division’siconic discography performed with the sincerity and integrity of one of its founding members.

Since debuting with the Unknown Pleasures Tour in Australia in 2010, PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT have since toured the globe including a return back Down Under in 2015, 2017 and 2022. Australian and NZ audiences cannot get enough!

This will be the most total appreciation to date of the Joy Division and New Order catalogue and cannot be missed!



New Order Substance Tracklisting –


Everything’s Gone Green


Blue Monday


Thieves Like Us

The Perfect Kiss



State of the Nation

Bizarre Love Triangle

True Faith

Joy Division Substance Tracklisting –


Leaders of Men




She’s Lost Control


Dead Souls


Love Will Tear Us Apart

“New Order … one of the most significant groups ever” – BBC Music

“The music is truly joyful, and Hooky belted it out with heartfelt passion” Reviews Hub

“It is probably the best performance and emotional reaction I’ve ever seen at a gig… astounding” All Music

“’A masterclass in euphoria and heartache in equal measure…” Gigwise

“Hooky is doing a fantastic job of continuing Ian Curtis’ legacy” The Mic Magazine


“It was certainly one of those special shows were the venue, artist, and fans all clicked perfectly to make for a very memorable experience” Rock Subculture




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