Recipe Scene: Hearty Breakfast

This recipe was created at home, emulating a menu item at a now defunct cafe in Elsternwick. Often recipes copied at home bear no resemblance to the meal you’ve consumed when dining out, but this one translates well and is easy to make. Originally it was going to be called “Hangover Brekky”, due to the high protein content, but when you’re hungover, the last thing you want to do is cook. You’re more likely to drink loads of water, consume painkillers and stay in bed, or stay in bed dehydrated, thinking about doing all those things and believe you are dying.

Eggs (1-2) poached

Grated cheddar cheese

3-5 slices Chorizo

130g tin baked beans

Salt and Pepper


Slice Chorizo and saute in a pan in a little olive oil until cooked. Line a deep heatproof bowl with the slices.  Heat the beans through, in a microwave or stove top and place on top of the chorizo, then top with poached egg (s) and cover with  grated cheese.  Cook in an oven at 180c until the cheese is melted and the baked beans are heated through. Season to taste and serve with parsley or coriander if desired.  Serve with toast.

Chorizo can be substituted for bacon and so on. For hair of the dog, the entire meal can be substituted with a drink from “Spirit Scene.”


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