Recipe Scene: Fruit and custard flan

This is actually a bit of a cheat’s dessert because it is so easy and does involve a bought base. However we can’t always make lavish desserts with 27 elements, sometimes quick and simple is good. If you do want to be a purist you can always make your own flan base. I don’t do that because I don’t have the right tin, but I do sometimes make a shortcrust pastry shell and fill with custard and fruit. But if pushed for time a purchased one is perfectly adequate. You can buy flan gel powder in the international part of some supermarkets, or from delis. I use an actual gel that I purchase form The Mixing Bowl in Camberwell – you just add water to the gel, heat gently then use. If you can’t find flan gel, you can heat some apricot jam with a little water, strain and then brush that over instead.


I flan shell (purchased or home made) or one pastry shell
Custard – whatever your favourite recipe is, or if you’re in a rush use shop bought
Assorted fruits
Flan gel or powder


1. Place the flan or pastry shell on a serving plate. Fill with custard and smooth the top down.

2. Cover the top with fresh fruit in whatever pattern you fancy.

3. Prepare the flan gel according to instructions and, using a pastry brush, brush over the fruit. Be sure to make sure that the entire surface is covered.

4. Refrigerate until needed.

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