Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 8

The Block Gatwick Episode Eight

There’s No i In Team

Back at the beautiful Middle Park Mansion where the teams have to style a room each to potentially win some cold hard cash, Indecisive duo Kerrie and Spence have a small table issue. That’s badly worded, they have a small issue, with a large table they can’t fit through a doorway so Handyman Cam steps in with his tools to take the legs off and Shelley Craft gets in there too so they can get on with styling the room and finish on time.

OH I was wrong! Not for the first time, but turns out the roof that they’re on for the judging isn’t at the Sea Baths, but across the park and on the corner at the Yacht Club! Fancy.

Another of St Kilda’s impressive buildings, this is the HQ for the St Kilda Marina and accepts membership and has learn to sail programs and quite recently has been holding Sunday afternoon gigs; check it outsome time!

Back to the roof and no one is confident about their makeover skills, in such a time frame. In another episode of Jess reads stuff, she tells us that apparently people never forget a smell so her ‘secret weapon’ of flowers might get them over the line with the judges for their bedroom. Dapper Neale says they’ve created a “lovely room” and ShaynnaBlaze has the hots for their colours.

B&C’s dining room was a tad sparse at the end of last night’s episode, Carla anticipated it saying she’s “embarrassed” but their mate Darren’s appraisal was positive about colour but did pick them up on “shoving things in empty corners” a bit like how I store my useless information.

Hans and Courtney’s living room was given the once over by Dapper Neale, gee those armchairs are nice, he gets off on the elegance and proportion. The glam or lux(e) factor could be upped.

The study was left to Kerrie and Spence and after having a creative breakdown they brought home a desk that didn’t quite fit without Scotty having to take the legs off temporarily. ShannyaBlayze with the powers of her immense crystal summons up the energy for a frank appraisal not seen so far this season.

A confusion of styles, a light fitting and a cane planter were beachy but not St Kilda beachy and to roll back to an earlier comment, she was glad on their behalf that it was a challenge room rather than one in their apartment where it really counts. Scotty brings the mood back up and leads a round of applause regardless.

Neale gets to deliver the news about Hayden and Sara’s upstairs bedroom. We are reminded about the shenanigans from their day yesterday via a lovely montage. Dapper Neale’s assessment leaves him speechless, ShaynnaBlaze could only utter a noise. It was divisive (HA).  But Darren got to deliver the line of the season so far:

“Really, lemons have no place in a bedroom”.

But the winners are: Norm and Jess. And her advice to everyone, “There’s a little bit of poshness in all of ya”.


You have a couple of beers with your “Penty” mates, lean on a wardrobe that isn’t fixed yet and scrape dents into the newly plastered wall. Clumsiness is next to Godliness surely, luckily Norm is handy with a scraper and can patch it all up before the next stubby is empty. Ha and then he knocks his over.

In other night time frivolity, thorough Spence who doesn’t like to get help was, thankfully, not let down by the workers he had in, they did everything to his specifications… Sara is still moaning that Husband Hayden is telling her how to do her job (in other circles it’s known as collaboration) and she’s mixing something white in a black container that may or may not be giving her a solvent high as she jokingly gives him the finger, when he’s in the other room.

Another day dawns, Norm sings some Nollsy; Sara says Husband Hayden is very set in his ways adding “But &*% you can’t argue with stupid can ya”. Courtney’s got regrets over her wardrobe being grey and now and I get confirmation that it’s LUXE definitely not LUX for the look every man and his goat wants in the hope to achieve judging nirvana; a Dance Off ensues about something involving dusty rose.

Some more work being done is shown as a reminder that it’s a competition involving people doing stuff and then the sad kid montage crops up again with Jess, desperate to spend some time with hers.

Domain lady is back , with Shelley wearing awesome denim flares, and they do a check up on everyone’s guest bedroom visions in the hope to get some more cold hard sponsor cash. Luxe is uttered the requisite amount of times

Scotty notices Jess’ scrawled budget on the ground on floor ply, guess there aren’t many envelopes floating around to do rough calcs on the back of, so makes sense to me! There’s an ulterior motive to the question, it’s been noted that Norm and Jess haven’t been lodging their invoices to keep tabs on their budget. Naughty. The Scotty has a go at the state of their room. He’s worse than my mum was when I was a feral teenager! Ha then even he acknowledges playing that role.

Unreal! Courtney Talking In Cars is back! This time it’s a freestyle Carpool Karaoke, with a ditty about heading to handles plus. Putting her dusty rose work from earlier to shame. When does the record drop?

Sara and Hayden are going for a coiffured ceiling, as seen previously from Spence’s hand in the first week, and they’ll have “high decorative skirts” ooh la la. Uh and that’s right a ‘textured feature wall’ that isn’t wallpaper from Sara’s phone counsellor a couple of eps back, I presume.

LOL and Scotty drops the news that they had the most expensive bathroom, at $62k, bloody expensive mistake! Who knew mulberry tiles and some ferns in a pot were that exy. Back to the future Domain Lady points out that they have a great nook, and eludes to the fact they might want to consider a study. Sara inwardly sniffs and does an almost imperceptible shake of the head in a ‘don’t tell me what to do’ shiny white shirt woman face off.

Shelley bravely attempts to isolate the problem with team H&S identifying that the couple’s ideas aren’t really gelling as a cohesive entity. Hang on, Hayden said the garden wall was his idea? I thought it was Sara’s Secret Weapon, I’m confus-ed. And she’s quick to throw Husband Hayden under the bus for the lemons too. Ok, fair call. And pretty much Sara gets the green light from Shelley to style however she wants. Sare Bare Stare gets her way again!

A slight break in transmission for a massive shout out to all the actual workers on the Block, there was a fine bit of vision of multiple guys working their guts out in their chosen craft who don’t get enough credit. Cheers!

We return to Alice from Domain who hears the safe word Luxe from Kerrie as she runs through the plans she has with Spence for their guest room and Shelley gives the sometimes under confident couple a boost by noting how lovely they are. Awwwww.

In yet another tale from The Book of Sara, we learn that on this particular occasion she misplaces the Tiguan keys. Helpful Husband Hayden lets us know that often she can’t find her phone which I find mind blowing because she’s on it in almost every scene, but in a life threatening move he points out on camera that she wandered around for two hours in a desperate search for aforementioned keys. Again, I could not live my life like this – I am *forever* ‘tickets, money, passport‘ slapping myself down for all my necessities. Maybe the product of being an only child/solo householder for a large chunk of my adult life.

Keith comes to the rescue with a spare key so Sara can go through it in case they left it locked in the car that appears to be well lived in with a pile of stuff in the foot well, and throughout the space and in a miracle of miracles Sara says something I can agree with, as a recent owner of a Tiguan (bought second hand from a work mate) the boot space is amazing! I live with a musician and he can cart all his crap around quite comfortably in it.

Courtney on some sort of coffee rush, spits out her 30 second spiel about the vision for their guestroom, and while Scotty, Domain Lady and Shelley were zoned out listening Scotty noticed a dip in the ceiling near the windows. It’s a Friday. Major works will need to be undertaken. Don’t tell me they’re going to be put through another set back!!?? (Yes they are if I remember the promos from the other day correctly).

Just before Alice from Domain awards her weekly prize, it’s noted that she would have splashed her cash on B&C if they’d remembered to mention their lush wooden ceiling; and like it was meant to be, Alice awards the netballers the $5k. In a couch session Sara warns that Alice needs to ‘throw us a bone’ and then allege that prize awarding is rigged for the penthouses. Why worry about everyone else? Stay in your lane.

Jess is forced to sit down with the bank manager, Sarah, about unpaid bills. Gotta pay the trades. Norm strolls over like he’s about to visit an oncologist for some bad news, but he missed the discussion where Jess was told their figures are good and the rates of pay are reasonable. But once it’s all in the computing machine according to the sound effect and this face

I’m guessing there is in fact a problem. Ah, it’s to do with the credit card purchases. Charcoal Chicken HAHAHAHAHAHA “LIQUOR – $94”. That Lilydale Charcoal Chicken joint on Fitzroy Street does a bloody good hot roll though, I would be there every day if I was them.

As the shame kicks in Jess says “Oh my God I’m gonna vomit” I was wondering what that red bucket was for!

Obviously the credit card is for Block purchases not per diem purchases. Then the promises start that they hadn’t been using the card for that, Jess insists “We’re not derros, we’re not going to buy charcoal chicken with The Block’s money!”

Now there’s suggestions the card had been flogged. And they’re down about $600. Norm commiserated with a six pack of Carlton and some sponsor dinner as Jess rolled through the online account seeing where else their card had been used – a fishing tackle shop, Kathmandu and a place called Podium. Jess asks if it’s a strip joint, but apparently googles it to be told it’s a bar on Swanston Street. Hmmm. I’ve been told that some strip joints come up as something else on bank statements so not to alert ‘the other half’ or work if purchases come into question…

As the day draws to a close, Carla outs herself as the plant whisperer and Bianca checks in in an RUOK way. Delirium and over work will do that for you! We also get the preview that we feared, Hans gets the bad news about the ceiling needing to come down and he holds every fibre of his being as tight at possible to not burst into tears on national telly. Another shit sandwich for them.

Will everyone finish their guest bedrooms? What makes the judges sing hallelujiah? We’ll have to tune in Sunday night!

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