Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 22

Walking home earlier today past the next Block and looks like the previous tenants have left a bike for Scotty (reportedly it’s his preferred mode of transport around town when he ‘lives’ here for the shoot), chained up to the fire hydrant at the front. Site’s officially secure and preparations must be imminent! And we’re only half way through the Gatty season…


Ooh in the taster for the week Keith looks like he’s getting even crankier and Courtney has to justify her behaviour about something!? Tantalising!

The buyer’s advocates will be doing a walk through this week and don’t they look like  barrel of fun! A sleepy Sara is pumped up early though because it’s time for everyone to go check out each other’s lounge and dining efforts “I love bagging everyone out” (and somehow I don’t think she’s joking).

You know what I like most about Bogan Hogan Jess? She’s a thinker. A deep but practical thinker. In Courtney and Hans’ winning room she points out the one but major flaw of the secret bar that I loved so much last night – what happens if the power goes off? You can’t get a drink? Potential, life-threatening disaster!

Really the only thing people could pick on in B&C’s lounge was the *shock horror* white wine glasses with red wine decanter! Heathens who clearly didn’t deserve to win so the half a point less was justified! (If the wine needs a special glass to taste better it can’t be that good…surely)

In we go to Norm and Jess’ – what will the other contestants make of the tonsil. Obviously the placement wasn’t their first choice so that interrupted the styling. Meh no one really seemed to worried. Sara was most put out about the olive tree in the corner “Why would ya?”

The verdict for Kerrie and Spence is that only tall people (Dapper Neale last night and Bianca tonight) find the ceiling too low and a big tick from most people for the fancy mirror telly.

“This is nicer than I expected” starts the assessment of Hayden and Sara’s apartment, the fireplace is not impressing anyone.

Oooh and after the adbreak the poo-poo pool party!

Nope, too early for the drama we check in with Norm and Jess’ plans for their kitchen “We’re going to marble the shit out of everything” to try and out-style B&C.

Hokey dokey, drama time! Courtney and Hans were made to pinky swear not to tell anyone about the plans for the pool, but too late. Sara found out and started blabbing already. But that was all last week, now she wants to call a Body Corporate so they can all vote. Courtney, while slightly slagging off my beautiful city, asks a fairly valid question “why do you need a pool in Melbourne”? Especially with the beach a few hundred metres away. More to come.

Hans, meanwhile, is dealing with another challenge – a support beam in an annoying spot. But they’ll incorporate it into the kitchen bench somehow.

Body Corporate meeting time! Dear Normie asks what is this about and Sara, without much information at all she bowls right into it “So has anyone got any plans for a pool?” and makes a half hearted case with Hayden about concern of getting flooded. Courtney and Hans must be coming down with the flu, they don’t look very well here

Ah Jess “the silent assassins” she calls Courtney and Hans, Hayden and Sara continued with their prosecution and Jess rather measuredly countered their arguments, noting in her post meeting interview that Courtney and Hans left Hayden and Sara hanging. Sara plows on: “No. We’re not saying no” you can’t have a pool. But Bianca needs to know what they’re all trying to achieve and Sara says they all need to vote so Bianca asks her what her vote is? Exasperated sigh. (So that’s a no then).

Scotty steps in, explains that it’s an extraordinary problem to have because it’s a first for the season, he tells everyone to sleep on it but had pointed out that Norm and Jess require 75% of the vote to proceed with the pool.

WOAH some good old fashioned bitching behind backs occurs where Jess goes to debrief with Bianca, Jess says she likes how Sara is upfront but she and Bianca reckon Courtney is “two-faced”. The audio doesn’t lie. That’s a big claim!

And neither does the footage it seems. The cameras spot Hans walking back down Fitzroy Street from meeting with their Real Estate Agent, he said it was to ask about whether a pool upstairs would affect the potential sale of their property, but when Courtney was asked if the meeting was about anything she said “nothing specific”. Is this the duplicity the others were talking about? Surely not the all singing, all dancing jet-setters!?

Courtney’s voice goes up an alarming register when protesting to the camera crew that she “swear to god” they weren’t “catching up with the agent to talk about the” effing pool.  *gesticulate gesticulate* Hans says he was talking about the pool but the Estate Agent didn’t seem too fussed. The Estate Agent pretty much says that’s bullshit and barely stops himself from saying we’re here to make money! He changed it to “win”. Much more companionable in the spirit of the competition.

Someone’s lying and for the first time I don’t think it’s an Estate Agent

Before the Body Corporate vote Scotty reminds us that it’s Day 2 of Kitchen week – has anyone done any work yet? Oh my god, listening to all the preamble it’s like being back in primary school!

It doesn’t last long though cause Keith has to go sort some stuff out at Courtney and Hans’ where he’s worried some cheating is about to happen with some joists being laid to far ahead in the hallway, giving them a head start for later in the project. Floor dude Dave won’t be happy and I think we all recall from the previews, he’ll be walking out that front door and never coming back.

There’ll be no jumping for joists around here. Except for Norm who’s won the good bloke award for the week, “I’m so proud of you for being sad” well said Jess.

Sara’s gone to the marble shop and she’s opted for B&C’s discards, and interestingly she’s spelling Lux(e) like I was earlier in the season; it’s like we’re twins.

In a bit of a dick swinging competition, the Forebears stand over Dave the floor guy and tell him he needs an attitude readjustment, in the form of being re-inducted. Dave said he’s out. This floored* Keith, he wasn’t expecting that reaction. Dave was really upset and went back to his employers Courtney and Hans to say goodbye

*sorry not sorry. Also, I get that a re-induction is a legitimate process to try and resolve an on-site issue but the outcome was pretty dramatic. ‘Two faced Courtney’ is in a bind now and really really has it in for Keith.

Sara literally almost pissed her pants about Dave quitting. Wow. Different strokes for different folks.

As the contestants stroll across to The Block Shop, the shot is wide enough to get a look at a kind of art installation on the wall there, photos of some ‘colourful’ St Kilda locals taken by photographer Christopher Rimmer and that dude I’ve circled in red is my BF! (Full pic and explanation will be right here).

Scotty holds the meeting and points out the vote will be anonymous, this pisses Jess off who’d like the satisfaction of knowing who has turned on them. I reckon Jess is being a bit harsh or Courtney and Hans, it directly affects their apartment, surely they’re allowed to say No. Everyone else seems non-plussed, except Sara and Hayden who had already made their case clear.

Three yeses and a no, so of course we get the cliffhanger we all want! NO POOL. Jess does the old “Thanks so much guys, really appreciate it” as she jams her hard hat back on. And then in an overly dramatic gesture mimics being knifed in the back and says the friendship with Courtney and Hans is dying as she slumps from the couch towards the floor.

Aw Keithy ain’t so bad after all apparently, while they’ve been off knocking dreams on the head he’s spoken to builder Dave and his buddy “I want to apologise, you’re a great bloke and it all went a bit far”. Dicks back in pants. Dave accepts and he’s back on deck*

*Sorry not sorry again

More hugs, who’s laughing now Sara…

Scotty now is telling us there’s a secret of some sort so all couples are interviewed about whether they want to fess up. Jess is the one who reveals that they were messing with everyone’s minds going through the whole Body Corporate charade because they’d blown their budget for a pool anyway, on more marble. JFHC. I can’t deal with these people!

Until tomorrow…

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