Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 12

The Gatwick Block Police Visit

Kerrie and Spence won the Kids Under Cover pod challenge, and even took the time to oversee the installation of their pod and meet the recipient in an honestly very touching segment. A blessed relief among the fun and frivolity.

It’s still bathroom week with various stone, waterproof and general issues aplenty but Sara and husband Nathan are officially on notice for spending more than they should for the bathroom with THE BATH… aka the baby aka the brass monstrosity.

But the reason we’re all tuning in to episode 12 is to:

    a) See if Sara finally fulfills the promise to leave


    b) Find out why the jacks are visiting The Gatwick this time

In the video package of contestants, most assumed the local cops were there for Keith (oh lol), my suggestions in the previous blog post involved two serious possible contenders – Jess and Norm’s stolen credit card, or the super dooper cheap Bromley that may have come off the back of a truck at that low low price.

When the constabulary arrived, met by Foredan and Mr Keith, the tension was broken quite quickly with a good old fashioned well timed emission of bottom air (aka a fart)…

Hijinks. But why are they here? Ah, Norm and Jess. Knew it.

In their post confrontation chat from their comfy chairs, Norm said:

“I was shittin’ bricks”…. might save you some money on conventional materials, Norm!

He asks them to please say their visit is about the stolen credit card but they look stern-as (good acting!) and Jess is beyond relieve when they confirm it’s about that “We haven’t even broken the law and we look guilty!” I hear ya Jess, feel like that every time a divvy van is driving behind me”. Must be that guilty Catholic conscience.

They recap the spending on booze and charcoal chicken that alerted them to perhaps their card being stolen; and the cops get an official statement from Norm and Jess.

Anyway that storyline is shelved for now. Sara and Husband Nathan win the challenge for the ensuite walk through from Domain. And Courtney and Hans are told by a potential Real Estate Agent that their floor plan sucks and blows, yet another potential setback.

In other setback news, Norm and Jess discover that a vital piece of cabinetry they ordered for their ensuite was the incorrect size and expended a lot of energy at the end of the day/episode to try and find a cabinet maker who could knock up the perfect replacement in record time (as the supplier couldn’t get the swap from Sydney down in time) <side bar: how long does it take to drive Melbourne to Sydney? Eight and a bit hours… chuck someone in a hire car>

And in a preview of Sunday night’s Bathroom Reveal looks like a few people haven’t been using their tape measures properly, with ForeDan doing a lot of harrumphing about milimetres and there’s a promise of THREE teams potentially not finishing in time as a result. Including front runners for a win Sara and Hayden

See you tomorrow night after the reveal!

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