Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick All In Recap

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Off the back of the Tempanyucki* station highlight of the terrace reveals, where we are also told by ShaynnaBlaze “St Kilda is filled with tattoo parlours” the teams are about to put their issues and pride aside for an all-in revealed by Scotty straight after the scores were tallied:

One room, per team, per week. The cash ‘won’ at the end will be knocked off the reserve prices. Then it was revealed to the collective that they’ll be doing this apartment for the winner of the Monopoly set prize. Wowzers, they all look shocked and I can’t help but think a little bit of them is going “why can’t we live in one of them, we’ve put our everything into this ‘competition’ I deserve to live here!”

Hayden’s nominated by Sara to be the apartment ‘accountant’, he is a project manager usually anyway, so this probably makes sense. Until we find out from ForeDan that he hasn’t allocated budgets in a swift manner, which Sara oversees so we all cop her now famous stink eye

“She was trying to make you look dumb” is Sara’s assessment to Husband Hayden in a couch interview after the fact but the cameras also pick up that ‘someone’ might be diddling the books to their advantage..


Ok, so that’s not really revealing it but no doubt you can take an educated guess…

But even before all that Hayden and Sara have to bunk in with someone because of works being done to pretty up the building more before it’s fully finished for inspections. LOL, who’s putting their hands up for that one? Kerrie and Spence are putting Courtney and Hans up. Norm reflects on the moment “It was pretty awkward cause they had to ask ‘does anyone want us?’” and the deafening silence would suggest YEAH NAH.

Jess finds some community spirit and everyone’s favourite couple will be joining everyone’s actual favourite couple up in the penthouse. The divvying up of the rooms went reasonably well, until the scraps left for week two and the pesky hallway.

Scotty does the old fruitbowl draw to be ‘fair’ and everyone in apartment order has a go (Kerrie and Spence already had terrace) and if anyone believed that the producers have any say in stuff to create drama you’d assume this was setup (no chance) but Sara and Hayden are lumped with the (perceived) worse ‘rooms’ and they ain’t happy (but they chose the bathroom first)

This is going to be so much fun. For us. Not them.

Courtney and Hans wield a lot of power at the outset because they’ve got the kitchen and whatever they choose for its style it dictates where everyone else will have to go for their rooms. They’ve gone with the style of “St Kilda” – really cool, really edgy. Hans adding “we don’t have to sell it, go nuts”! Everyone heads off and gets cracking, without budgets.

There’s talk of wallpaper, gold knobs, walnut wood, so many different ideas that need to be judged as a whole. Hopefully the judges like well-styled dogs breakfast. A bit like my place.

Whether by fault, design, dumb luck, or higher being alliances formed early: the penty buddies happen to have adjoining rooms so they straight away start working as a conjoined team but then just after budget meeting Spence offers to take Hans under his wing as they get their week one section underway with shared resources. Sara feels left out in the cold, and so does Hayden after she told him that’s how it felt.

But Sara and Carla will be working together for a cohesive vibe for the bathrooms. Their joint meeting at Reece provided Carla with front row seats to the spectrum of Sara’s moods and emotions. And all they had to do was pick sinks, essentially. It was up to the very understanding Reece lady, who’s probably sisters with Wallpaper Lady, to console Sara wrapping an arm around her shoulders “you’ve got this sweety” vibe.

And then uses Reece Lady to do her dirty bidding on price per toilet. “I wasn’t trying to be conniving”. But it all comes undone in a WhatsApp chat when Sara tries to get the bathroom people to knock down their budgets so she can have more cash. Nup. Oh and Hayden hadn’t put the money into people’s accounts leaving Jess stuck at a carpark barrier.

And it’s just day one. This recap has gone longer than I anticipated! YOLO more tomorrow I guess, in a shorter form, hopefully.