Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick Final Week

Aloha and Mahalo

Long time no blog! My apologies but my paid gig whisked me off on location to Hawaii (more specifically Oahu, more more specifically Waikiki beach) and unfortunately that ole chestnut geo blocking prevented me from catching up with the all-in apartment on no-man’s land for the Monopoly prize. I’m sure it all went smoothly and with no drama – I’ll do a ‘catch up’ post or two later in the week.

Twelve long weeks have passed and the teams are all finished and I guess preparing for Auctions now.

Aww and they’re getting kicked out of their “homes”! And Norm is really sad about it. But lucky they’ve got Daryl Braithwaite’s The Horses on in the background to lift their spirits – that’s the way little darlin’…

Kerrie’s saying she’s going to miss everyone, and Spence kinda just grunts. Courtney says goodbye to each room like it’s her best friend from primary school. Sara has a bit of an F.U it’s over vibe. Then they all hang out on Loch Street and look lovingly at the building they helped breathe new life into.

Jess bawls in the car as they drive off “It’s one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to us. And now it’s just a memory”. Yeah ok, nicely sentimental and then wow it gets really dark “That’s why we don’t bond with people! And that’s why you don’t get dogs – because they die!” something about making friends with people for only thirteen weeks and that it’s “all too hard”. Nawww. Norm just laughs.

Woah after the break we discover that Hogan Bogan Number Two (Norm) went across the road to St Kilda Ink and got a Block logo tatt!

24 hours after wash with warm water and a mild or antibacterial soap, then three days of Aquaphor or similar a couple of times a day, then a very plain moisturiser as required. Don’t scratch it when it’s itchy and peeling is normal. Use a sunscreen on it every time you go out so it doesn’t fade. Enjoy!

But hang on now they’re back in their apartments ready to take on the frenzy of the open day!

Big cheers for all teams as Scotty introduces each to the stage, must be so daunting to be fronting that many people! Mayor Bernadine even gets to give a welcome saying she looks forward to some new residents in the ‘hood.

Oh and Shelley joins the festivities and has the Gatwick sisters Yvette and Rose with her for official ribbon cutting duties.

Now we see the reactions to Kerrie and Spence’s apartment first, one guy saying he waited two hours in line to check it out. Cue montage of their time on The Block. They really could take out the choccies on Sunday, it is exceptional.

Next it’s Courtney and Hans’ turn and we first meet a lovely lady in a Hawks hoodie who says she started queuing up at 5am the day before the first open day to get in for a look-see. What dedication! Oh and this little munchkin in the hard hat says she likes the apartment because of the bar “you can get a drink without having to go to the kitchen” (and remember to drink responsibly folks, over 18s only of course)

Montage of Courtney and Hans’ time was a great celebration of their exceptional song and dance routines. They will be missed! So their apartment and the largest will be, probably, “the most affordable” with a list price of $2.2 – $2.4 it really is a great space, and if you can rejig the kitchen when you buy it (so the natural light gets in more) it’s well worth it. Especially if you get the dining room table with it!

The vibe for Sara and Hayden’s is that it’s better in real life. Yeah it’s cool. I really love their terrace. The bathroom with THAT bath needs to be fixed though with the exposed dunny and the weird slab of glass for the shower. But bless this young woman for making Sara’s day:

In their final couch assessment interview Hayden is obviously asked to say a few words to Sara in summation of their time at the block, he’s a bit stilted and Sara comments (in good humour) that it sounds like he’s about to break up with her to which he replies maybe I am and adds “I honestly don’t know how anyone else could put up with you” and they both laugh. Ah wow. Good times.

Early appraisals for Jess and Norm’s penthouse is that it’s “definitely the winner”, I liked it but I just can’t agree. It will do well for sure and it’s great that they got the front cover of Domain mag which often indicates the actual winner and the couple deserve doing well but it didn’t fully zing for me. The indigenous lounge pieces however, I would take in a heartbeat. Also the maple tree in the bathroom was swapped out for a cumquat and the olive tree disappeared from the lounge. Boo.

“Before we came here, she wouldn’t have been able to style Vegemite on toast” said Norm and yes the Hogan Bogans achieved really well. And right at the end of the montage in their final couch assessment Jess says to her beloved “I think we had a completely different relationship before to when we finished” I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING.

Hooray! One final look at Bianca’s wonky helmet

Carla and Bianca’s apartment is absolutely stunning and feels so great, I would move in in a flash and it’s a real race, for mine, between theirs and Kerrie and Spence’s for the win. But reserves may play a part in that… I am already jealous of whoever ends up buying it! Oh no DO NOT CRY B&C that’s not fair! You made it all this way! You’re both right to be very proud but I’ve only just recovered from seeing A Star Is Born on the weekend I can’t use up any more tissues!

So that’s it until the auctions this weekend. I will catch up on the challenge apartment though and pop something up here in the next day or two. Also thanks for B&C’s kind words on radio a few weeks ago about this humble little blog and to Hans for the lovely message last week, it means a lot!