Scene News: Online Worldwide REBETIKO ORCHESTRA Highlights How Music Can Bring People Together Creatively and Positively

A Rebetiko Symphony. Markos Vamvakaris “Bouzouki mou diplohordo”. 54 Rebetes from around the world.
Featuring Rebetiko Musicians from Melbourne including
Paddy Montgomery, George Kiriakidis, Dean Georgalas and Con Kalamaras.

Don’t forget: Greek Fringe Fest is thrilled to present an interhemispheric collaboration, bringing together two award-winning creative forces – the strikingly original Amalgamation Project (Cyprus) and prophetic poet and rapper, Luka Lesson (Australia).
This promises to be a dynamic showcase of contemporary Hellenic diversity that connects young Creatives from the source with the diaspora.
These artists have pushed the boundaries within their own fields, and we are taking it a step further by merging art forms and continents in a digital presentation that lays claim to the NOW.

Amalgamation Project
Created by Vasiliki Anastasiou, the Amalgamation Project’s heart centres around her original compositions. 

Luka Lesson
Luka Lesson is a poet and rapper whose work engages with the Greek mythology of his family homeland, the fiercely political and the vulnerably self-reflective.

Though we intend on producing mind-altering events in real life, due to COVID-19 we are kicking off with a series of digital events in an effort to protect the public and those involved. Despite being online, the same amount of love, sweat and tears go into producing these works, so we encourage people (if you have the means) to throw some coin at the artists we feature.

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