Review Scene: Sevendust – 170 Russell, March 18th 2016

Australia and New Zealand seems to be flavour of the month when it comes to heavy music and punk. There’s not a night that has passed in March when there hasn’t been some great local rock and roll, an iconic punk band or a top of the range metal band in the country.

Sevendust hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and it’s been about six years since the band hit our shores – a whole lifetime for some less popular units. Unlike the band’s plans to tour their newest album ‘Kill the Flow’ in the U.S., they decided to choose songs for this tour from almost all of their releases to date.

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Lajon Witherspoon and the boys played to a sold out 170 Russell St, and the vibe was electric. From the time the first chords of ‘Black’ rang out, to the last note of the last song, punters lapped up the verve and fully engaged in the energy of the night.

The band managed to get the balance just right, with a new number ‘Thank You’ from Kill the Flow, slipped into the set towards the end. Mostly though, they drew from their iconic Animosity L.P. to keep the love alive. After a six-year gap between visits it was perhaps too much to ask that the fan base here should only get to experience the new stuff…maybe a version of the U.S. tour is still to come for this part of the world.

See the full gallery by Mary Boukouvalas

It’s way too difficult to choose a highlight based on crowd response because the mosh was heaving from the get-go to stumps. Clint Lowery’s aggressive guitar riffs, Morgan Rose’s frenetic and powerful drum beats and Vince Hornsby’s bass line reaching the depths of hell gave our auricles multiple musical orgasms.

If you are flagellating because you didn’t buy tickets, well, flagellate away, but the signs were there to show that this successful tour will be repeated here very soon.

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