Book Scene: Care Packages – Michelle Mackintosh, 2016

Michelle Mackintosh’s second book Care Packages is beautifully presented and has a lovely message. All too frequently we become so wrapped up in our busy-ness that we forget to make the people we care about feel as though they’re important to us. Care Packages is all about spending little (time or money) to create something that will be treasured as much for its sentiment as its contents.

Again Mackintosh chose the publishers Hardie Grant Books to release her newest offering. Well known for their high quality and beautifully bound tomes, Hardy Grant certainly has done this text justice. With its exquisite photographs, artistic text layout, and just the right balance of writing and graphics, Care Packages is a feast for the eyes.

Part history lesson (care packages came about during W.W.II), part artistic inspiration, part instruction manual, Care Packages contains everything the avid crafter needs to engender excitement about creating something really practical and beautiful. Mackintosh encourages us all to use items that are found easily, and that are usually found in our homes. There’s really no need to go hunting in out of the way, inconvenient places to be able to gather gorgeous materials.

With clear and easy to follow instructions and all required templates in the back of the book, anyone could have a go at putting together a box of goodies tailored to suit the recipients interests and needs to a ‘T’. You don’t need to be ‘Martha Stewart’ to be able to make something to be proud to call your work.

Winter is a hard time to get out and about with its cold temperatures, rain lashed streets and bone-chilling winds…so stay home with this book, and in the warmth of your lounge have an artistic day, and do something nice for humanity at the same time. Treat someone to a unique gift today and have Michelle Mackintosh’s Care Packages as your guide to putting it together. Bring a little love, thought, and individuality back into the world, one small gift at a time.

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