Q&A Scene: Ulysses Wulf

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

We will be releasing our debut EP ‘Like The Present’ at The Workers Club in Fitzroy, with a matinee show that includes an interactive micro-theatre performance.

We have been working on the “Like The Present” project since August 2015 when we began telling the story of an office worker living in a corporate-driven dystopian society on social media using the hastag #LikeThePresent.

The project was inspired by my experiences as a young man with creative leanings being absorbed into a corporate career. I found some aspects of corporate life dehumanizing and isolating and was confused as to why, when everything had a pleasant veneer.

I was going through a particularly difficult period when we wrote and recorded these songs and felt that music alone wasn’t enough to capture the feelings. So that’s why it expanded into other forms such as social media and micro-theatre. We want to connect with those feelings that we are sure other people have, more than just playing a bunch of songs.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 

This project is very enjoyable as a way to explore a lot of different facets of the central concept. The experience of starting out with an idea like telling a story via social media: not knowing how to do it, and thinking you have a clue about it – then kind of learning how to do it, and watching the characters take their own path has been both surprising and rewarding.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

We first tried the micro-theatre aspect at our single launch at Revolver Upstairs in October last year. We had members of the audience enter a booth at the rear of the venue, which was essentially the set of an office. We had an actor in there greeting the audience members and asking them to complete a questionnaire card that asked some unusual questions: “What hope should society have in you” and “Why should society fear you?” Some of the answers were hilarious. You can check them out on our website.


What, or who, inspires you?

Things I have heard or seen, but am unaware of their name or history often inspire me. It’s like I subconsciously absorb things in my environment, background music at the supermarket, street art etc. Then when it comes down to creating something I call on it, but may not know exactly whereit came from.

Like when I was younger someone told me that my music reminded them of the Kinks. I had no idea who the Kinks were, so I checked them out and realized I had heard lots of their music and that, yes I was heavily inspired by them.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

The Beatles – I want you (She’s so heavy).

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

A slow-cooked fusion dish, because we combine lots of recognizable influences in a way that is both innovative and satisfying.

What’s next for you?

We have already started work on a full-length album based on the songs that are currently part of our live set. We are not in a hurry to finish it though as we are enjoying just playing shows at the moment.

What’s your scene?

I’m still looking for it. I’m trying lots on for fit until I find the right one.

About Ulysses Wulf

Are we living in a corporate driven dystopia that appears pleasant and orderly on the surface? That is the terrain Melbourne three piece Ulysses Wulf explores in their upcoming debut EP entitled Like The Present. They will be launching it at The Workers Club on Saturday 30th April. Ulysses Wulf has been scratching away at the facade of our present day society and things are not what they seem.

Inspired by front-man Yule’s experiences navigating the disorientating and isolating aspects of professional life, the EP explores worlds collapsing environmentally and personally. Dark and eclectic, each song employs a different set of pop, rock and indie influences.

More than just a music release, Like The Present is a conceptual project that encompasses live musical performance, interactive micro-theatre and social media storytelling. Using the hashtag #LikeThePresent Ulysses Wulf has been narrating the story of someone living in that world; Offering lines from a confessional journal as vignettes of their daily experiences. The anonymous character struggles with isolation, disorientation and personal identity as their clandestine words find their way into public channels.

The band comprises of Vincent King, Christian Lee and frontman/songwriter, Yule who forge their own exciting aesthetic by countering soulful, organic arrangements with angular digital artifacts. A collision of beauty and urgency that stakes its own sonic territory.

While new to Melbourne, some may recognise Yule from his solo work in New Zealand, where he was signed to Loop Recordings (home of The Black Seeds).

The EP will be available as a free digital download from SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/ulysses-wulf ) and BandCamp from 30 April.

Join Ulysses Wulf for an out of the ordinary performance as they intertwine theatre and music and interpret songs from their debut EP Like The Present, with a corporate dystopian themed micro-theatre matinee at 1pm on Saturday 30th April. A unique experience awaits attendees that dare to enter the world of Ulysses Wulf.

Matinee Show with Micro-Theatre Performance

Ulysses Wulf

Like the Present EP Release
Saturday 30th April
2pm show, doors at 1pm
Support from Honeybone
The Workers Club
51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
$10 entry on the door

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