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Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
Our new single ‘Stumbelina’ is the 3rd release for the year and is a story of wanting what you can’t have, illustrated in relationship form. We have a video to go with the single, and it is our most ‘sensitive’ release to date.
How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
Our sound in food form could be loosely likened to eating a gobstopper, remember those? The longer you work at it, the more layers will be discovered, until your tongue bleeds and your jaw starts to hurt, but you keep going and going to discover more.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?

What is the context of your question? Pantera’s ‘Cowboys from Hell’ is good for any occasion or scenario. RIP Dimebag!
From our EP, the opening song ‘Pins and Needles’ is a solid representation of mood, theme and intensity, best illustrating the Tragic Earth impact.

Any on the road anecdotes?
The time we went to bed in Bendigo with all band members present, and woke up to a missing drummer. Turns out he locked himself out of both the car and our room in the middle of the night, having to sleep in the park. Or the time the van protecting a urinating member on a freeway slowly rolled away exposing said ‘member.’ Get it?? Hilarity ensued.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Society. Personal experience. Stories shared by others we have known over the years. The plight of life and the perils it presents. We also draw inspiration from our peers, hard working musicians getting out there and having a real go at it at the cost of personal life and finances, for the greater goal of expression and creativity.

What’s next for you?
Once we complete the ‘Stumbelina’ tour we’ll be heading into the studio to record our debut album. We’ve been writing for it all year and have road tested a bunch of songs that will potentially be on it. We’ll tour the release across the country and make our way overseas in 2016 to tour as much as possible and continue growing this little unit of ours.

What’s your scene?

All of them.

About Tragic Earth

Loud, melodic, riff-driven and raucous are Melbourne 4 piece Tragic Earth’s musical trademarks, blending a mesh of grunge, metal and stadium rock to their own unique sound. The band are hitting the highway as they kick off their Stumbelina tour doing what they love best, playing live. The band hit the stage of the Basement in Canberra on Saturday 25th July, Cherry Bar Melbourne on Sunday 26th July and Sunday 9th August at Brunswick Hotel Melbourne with more dates to be announced soon.
If you love your rock hard driven, upbeat but with a dark tinge, then Tragic Earth are bound to please. Having formed in October last year the band have wasted no time in carving a name for themselves in the hard rock scene with their rhythmic chainsaw guitars, coupled with whirling sonics and have played a remarkable amount of shows for being together a short time. But that is Tragic Earth for you – an unstoppable force where once they start. They put on a blistering and immediate show.
Canberra is the first cab off the rank of the tour when they perform at the Basement in Canberra for Storm The Capital along with Frankenstein’s Baby, Tragic Earth, Dog’s Breakfast & Upside Down Miss Jane on Saturday July 25. Next up rolling in to the iconic Cherry Bar in Melbourne’s AC/DC Lane on Sunday July 26 the band will be joined by the crunching melodies of special guests The Soulenikoes, and New Zealand power groove of Logic Defies Logic in what will be a heavy charged night.
Tragic Earth have performed an impressive 40+ shows across Australia thus far including festival appearances. The band consists of Dima Shafro (vocals), Gavin Zacher (guitar), Chris Borg (bass), and Mick Casmi (drums) and have released a debut EP and two singles (Feels Good, Could Be Better and Obsessive Depressive) to date.
Rod Whitfield, of SF Media and heavy rock/metal veteran writer for Beat, Forte amongst other publications described the band as saying ‘These guys punch out a raucous style of heavy Aussie pub rock, but it’s also pub rock with a difference. Sure, you can very comfortably swagger and sway your drunken way around the dancefloor/pit of a sweaty, sticky carpeted pub to this. But this band inject a little raunch and a little boogie into their sound as well, and this sets them apart from the tired, soundalike Aussie rock mob.’
Dirty rock meets big metal wah-wah, Tragic Earth are an impressive hard rock act not to be missed. Make sure you catch them on their Stumbelina tour and allow yourself to be captured in their musical web.’
Tragic Earth Stumbelina Tour
Sunday, August 9 – Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne.
OXFAM fund raiser, details TBA.
140 Sydney Road, Brunswick
For more information go to :

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