Q&A Scene: Track-by-Track: Diana Anaid’s latest release, MY QUEEN.

Diana Anaid takes us on a heartfelt journey through her latest release, MY QUEEN, track-by-track:

Into Your Heart

‘Into Your Heart’, previously known as ‘Rabbit Hole’ was inspired by the psychedelic front woman of Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick, a sixties legend and pro-gay rights supporter. This album of thoughtfully chosen songs was written during a brief hiatus from the industry, time that I spent reconnecting with family and with my love of writing. Into Your Heart speaks of my never-ending love for my transgender sister and my wish for a more compassionate world for her. This is my first real falsetto attempt since 1999’s Blues Singer.

Better Girl

I now have a sister but she needs my help; far too many people fixate on her change of state rather than the sorry state of our world. Stand together in the fight for equality and fairness for all.

Can’t Apologise

‘Can’t Apologise’ relates to the dilemma faced by friends tempted to take it to the next level. What happens when he/she gets with someone else, sacrificing both the relationship and the friendship? How DO you have your cake and eat it too??”

Reassure Me

Inspired by Stone (my son) moving out of home, sob, absolutely dramatized for emotional impact haha, but truly touching on the real feelings of concern and a kind of happy sadness.

Mortify Me

A co-dependent angry/sad/bittersweet love story that we can all relate to so well. They’re sorry and they’re sexy and you can’t resist them. Sound familiar?

My Queen

‘My Queen’ previously known as ‘Trip’ and ‘Into the Belly’, with my spoken word middle 8, is about freeing the mind of social constraints and making the most of our time on this planet; you are the ruler of your destiny (and also the ruler of my heart btw). We, the people, are the REAL royalty protecting our planet, ourselves and each other; we are all equal and deserve to feel safe.”


Written specifically for Bravehearts https://bravehearts.org.au/, an Australian protection agency tackling child sexual assault in our society, with a mission to ‘make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.’. Although my memories are repressed, I have experienced early sexual assault by a family member, and I have recently been asked to be the ambassador for this life affirming charity.

Twisted Love

I am trying to illustrate the pain when someone close to you judges and won’t accept you, especially after you have opened up to them. Asking the listener to look deeper than society’s prejudice, and allow the love to stay; No matter what, don’t push away the people you love, because once you do, it’s too late.


Wish You Well

My Catholic father allowed my young brother to drown because it was ‘God’s will’; he was pulled out of the ocean by a stranger and is still alive, thank goodness. He would have died without me letting him know how much I loved him, how much I needed him, how grateful I was for his existence, and how much I admired and looked up to him. What happens when someone leaves you, or dies…and you just didn’t get to say how much you care?

Leaving Town

When the love of my life has to leave her home town due to prejudice and hatred, returning home sporadically and inexplicably reigniting my passions.

Fallen For You

Is it friendship between lovers? Is it love between friends? is it ‘friends with benefits’? Whatever it is, he/she has the key to my heart.

“Described as “the cover girl for self-made, heart-warming, gut-vomiting indie chicks” (Village Voice USA), alternative singer/songwriter Diana Anaid returns with the highly anticipated catchy 1st single Can’t Apologise from the Forthcoming album My Queen, produced by Steve James (Screaming Jets/Skunkhour/Sex Pistols)..

The video clip for first single Can’t Apologise was directed by Rock N Roll Hall of Fame recipient Nick Egan (Oasis, Duran Duran) and shot on location in Los Angeles at Topanga Canyon.

“Can’t Apologise relates to the dilemma faced by friends tempted to take it to the next level. What happens when he/she gets with someone else, sacrificing both the relationship and the friendship? How DO you have your cake and eat it too??”


Starting in 1997, Anaid’s self-funded and self-produced feral-folk debut stood out amongst the hip hop and teen-pop that was dominating the 90’s airwaves, spawning the #1 alternative hit I Go Off, and leaving many to wonder if this young mum was just another one trick pony.

Diana’s follow up I Don’t Think I’m Pregnant saw her receive her 5th ARIA nomination and her second inclusion in Triple J’s Hottest 100, crossing into commercial radio with Don’t Believe In Love and silencing those who had placed her in the one-hit-wonder pile.

With comparisons to Liz Phair, P.J Harvey and Ani DiFranco, Diana Ah Naid (as she was known until changing it to the palindromic Anaid) in 2004 cracked the U.S market with Last Thing and her ‘No Boys Allowed’ campaign, which saw the single climb into the Billboard Top40.

Anaid is a stand-out musician who “continues delivering authentic, original music” (Kathy McCabe)”, and is a pioneer of a “Different kind of girl power” (Music Network)

“There’s only one Diana Anaid”. (Iain Sheddon)

Diana’s career highlights include US Billboard Top 40 placement, 5 ARIA nominations, 2 inclusions in Triple J’s Hottest 100 and sets at the BDO, Falls, Vans Warped, Woodford and Byron Blues Fest.


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