Q&A Scene: Timothy Gallucci

Tell us about your latest album and upcoming tour ?

Strangely, this is the first time we’ve ever stood in a room, just us two brothers – no other bandmates – and written music as a duo. We got a gig invite from Hoodlum Shouts at the right moment, so we wrote new stuff for it, to a deadline (very helpful). Opportunity was limited, so we just jumped in, tried to be creative, expressive, efficient and enjoy it for once. This one feels like our little musical incursion, brief, unexpected, still thought-out but with no time to over-cook it. Bang on our rooster badge and bobsyeruncle, well sorta…

Tour, we’ll see, so keen. Might allow ourselves some normal gigs even – Time to evolve, a little anyway.
What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 

Just finished a vid for older tune of ours, ‘Song for D. Boon to Sing’ with @donjoyride getting big and loose as The Minutemen’s guitarist. I thought it’d just add some cool extra flavour to the song, but it’s become the best version of the tune’s concept I reckon – Tribute to this inspiring artist. Stoked! Will be up, whacked, at 4:30am for the rage viewing….

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Any time Joe Lally felt the tides of the day turning a bit sour for whatever reason, he’d just go to sleep, ride it out from zzzzzz-land. Was like that Jesus tale where he’s just snoring in the boat as the storm and waves are going nuts all around, and his disciple-guys are screaming and freaking out. Understood the wider situation – Cool as cumber. Buona notte Jojo.

What, or who, inspires you?

Just stuff that you can feel is just exploding out creatively, more like vomiting, than intellectualised. Doesn’t mean you have to be a dummy, but everyone knows too much now, we’re too smart and understand our place in the world too well. People who cut through all that, and express honestly, authentically (in skateboarding, radio/pod, art, & of course music) get me inspired.

Which song do you wish you wrote? 

“Destroy that infernal time-machine” – Dr. Emmett L. Brown
What’s next for you?
Try to figure out how to squeeze more Gcci action between nappy changes.
What’s your scene?
Early bird+worm scene. Catching the 4am train into town to meet other pre-dawn nuts to play basketball, skate, or make music before the work day starts. Wakey!


Grab (still)Exists! for free at Gallucci – (still)Exists! 

For more information: www.gallucci.bandcamp.com

Grab it for free at Gallucci – (still)Exists! 

For more information: www.gallucci.bandcamp.com


Gallucci are a soca-punk band from Sydney – Two brothers who can’t quite quit each other.

They’ve been known for highly occasional bursts of loud and confusing “music” with echoes of a skatepark generator in the background plus rumours of Mike Watt (Minutemen, Stooges) & Joe Lally (Fugazi) making one-off appearances in their otherwise dim existence.

Speaking of existing, (still)Exists! is the title of their fifth release. It’s pithy and takes advantage of the panning-pot. The title notes the fact that we’re not dead yet! And it’s very good to be alive, existing, making sounds.

So now, in Gallucci’s unique DYI (Do-Yourself-In) microverse, it’s the year of the little rooster…….. We’ve been waiting for this.



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