[pullquote]THE UGLY KINGS‘ scene is: sweaty rehearsal spaces, sticky music venue floors and music to rock your inner ears.[/pullquote]

Tell us about your new release:



Devil Heart plays with the notion that because almost every act that defines us as human can be regarded as a sin, we’re perpetually striving for freedom that can never be achieved. “We’re sinners born and never free”. This is one of the more stripped back songs on the mini album but the signature time changes and heaviness bring that signature “ugly” sound.


Pierina O’Brien of The Love Bombs teams up with The Ugly Kings for Goodbye; a twist on the classic ‘break up’ song. This rocking duet captures the trials and tribulations of a relationship ending and delivers them with some erotic heavy blues. “He sold my soul for a nickel and a dime and I cant trust without the truth”


“Cant change the past, can I control the future? …The clock keeps ticking forever faster.” Control Freak chronicles the struggle of trying not to let our lives slip by, one tick at a time. This song was written spontaneously in the studio. It came from an instant magical chemistry in the spur of the moment.

Everyone knows it’s more fun breaking the rules than being good; the temptation of sin is strong. Of Sins characterises one person’s struggle choosing between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and how they break down the results of those choices. “You’re gonna catch me when the devil’s coming home … I’m howling in the dark at your original sin.”

Wicked Witch Of Wonder was the first single released from this mini album in May 2014, with the film clip following in August of the same year. This track weaves the tale of a young man in a secluded dive bar that is accosted by an aging drunkard and his harrowing tale of the temptress who broke his heart all those years ago. “I’ve seen many things my son but your mother’s who I truly despise”


“Money means nothing when you haven’t lived a day and you’re six feet underground…” The live tracked vocals in Out Of Time bring the right amount of edgy emotion to this passionate track. The Ugly Kings believe there comes a time in every persons life when they are questioning what they are ‘supposed’ to be doing and where they are ‘supposed’ to be; this track is a breakdown of those beliefs and strengthens the idea that everyone is in control of their own destiny.


“Then our eyes did meet, NOW you don’t want nobody … So I tried to leave, BUT you don’t want nobody” Nobody But Me is The Ugly Kingstakeonataleasoldastime–boy&girl meet, boy & girl fall in love, boy & girl fall apart. In two minutes, you get the entire story of one couples failed relationship.


The herald of whispers and speculation is embodies in a blue-eyed beauty who toys with others by spreading rumours and hearsay. One man rises above. “You can’t play the puppet and pull the strings no more”. Written back in the very early days of the band, Little Birdy Told Me was revamped and reenergised for this recording. Interestingly, this is the only track on the recording that was not produced by Tom Glover – Little Birdy was recorded and mixed by Ryan Scoble, the bands drummer.

OF SINS is out now!

Who are The Ugly Kings?

The Ugly Kings are: Russell ‘Rusty’ Clark – Vocals | Christos Athanasias – Guitar | Nick Dumont – Bass | Ryan Scoble – Drums

The Ugly Kings have been steadily carving their name into the Melbourne rock ’n’ roll scene since 2013 and they are now excited to take their dirty brand of power blues to the rest of the country with their vinyl mini album OF SINS.

The last year has seen The Ugly Kings steadily teasing fans and critics alike ahead of the release of Of Sins. 2014 saw the singles Control Freak and Wicked Witch Of Wonder released with the follow-ups Goodbye and Devil Heart this year.

Recorded at The Aviary in Collingwood (VIC) by Tom Glover, Of Sins is an eight track mini album that will be released in a relatively limited run of vinyl as well as digitally (through iTunes). The Ugly Kings were very specific about tracking these 28 minutes of power blues onto vinyl rather than any other medium. These self confessed audiophiles will have a selection of 130 black and 70 blue vinyls made up for their debut EP. Guitarist, Christos Athanasias explains the thought process behind the split. “We chose 130 for the iconic number 13 and 70 for the Seven Deadly Sins – reflecting the title of the album”.

The Ugly Kings teamed up with illustrator Rachel Davies to create an incredibly detailed selection of artworks that depict the stories and emotions behind Russell ‘Rusty’ Clark’s lyrics. Taking inspiration from the graphic novel universe and artists such as Frank Miller and Brian Bolland, Rachel Davies (who can be found on Instagram at @redleaf_design) has created designs that are the culmination of intimate discussions regarding the stories and the emotional content of the songs. The whole experience of the vinyl and artwork is an important ritual the band is excited about sharing with their fans and Of Sins will not disappoint.

In the two short years The Ugly Kings have been recording and performing they have racked up a considerable amount of notches in their belt; nominations for two Cherry Awards and national airplay on triple j and MMM just to touch on few. This is not surprising considering the unapologetic gritty sound that hits you in the face when you listen to this band play. TheUglyKingshave“captured local audiences with their electrifying barrage of thunderous riffs and soaring vocals” ~Tonedeaf

With influences ranging from The Doors, to Soundgarden, to Eric Clapton, to Black Sabbath; The Ugly Kings are a solid mix of different influences and backgrounds. [pullquote]Bass player, Nick, sums up their sharp and powerful sound well, “Someone once described us as Jack White – with balls and a beard”.”[/pullquote]

In true drummer style, Ryan has a different outlook and sees the band as a fool proof pathway to “fame, fortune and models”.

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