Q&A Scene: The Pretty Littles


Alright, alright, alright (to be read in McConaughey voice).

Here we go! Answered by singer Jack Parsons

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
Our new single/album/tour is this crazy thing we developed where we decided to do a single album tour for our new 8 track cd Gospel. We’re only going to tour it once, but we’re going to all the major places like Brazil and France so it should be pretty epic. The Melbourne album launch show is July 29 at The Workers Club. We’re also touring nationally with our mates Ceres and Sincerely Grizzly throughout July. 

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
Tinned spaghetti. Looks good on the packet, not so good inside. Unless you get Heinz which is just plain good. so I guess the band is all tin spags excluding Heinz. They take their tin spag pretty seriously… i think ultimately thats why they have been so successful in the tin biz… they respect the consumer and hence, the consumer respects them.

Which song resonates most strongly and why
Back Paddock Blues coz its about euthanasia stuff.

Any on the road anecdotes?
One time Simon ate a cheese sandwhich but the cheese was the bread and the bread was the cheese. Completely loco.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Idiots mainly. Or friends or a story or an article or a movie.

What’s next for you?
I think I’m going to work on this assignment that I’ve been putting off. Oh actually no, next I’m have breakfast with dad coz he is going to Bali tomorrow and I need to give him his boogie board… plus he normally shouts brekky so its an opportunity not to be missed. You guys feel dat?

What’s your scene?
Defs underground.

About the Pretty Littles

The Pretty Littles have developed monumentally in the last few years and there are splashes of that all throughout their newest offering, Gospel. Recorded intermittently over six months with Vasco Era producer Neil Gray, it’s a collection of music that hints at the love for early-to-mid-2000s rock that originally brought the Melbourne outfit’s members together. It also reveals a matured sense of songwriting and performance that is their own signature creation, undoubtedly the result of hours and hours sweating it out on stage for their own sell-out shows, as well as warming up the punters for the likes of The Vasco Era, The Mess Hall, The Cribs, The Smith Street Band and Bad//Dreems.
Lyrically , Gospel plays on a concept that moves somewhere between being a kid in control and being an adult, lost. It is about the transition from being self-centered to self-aware and back again. It’s about what actually means something and what does not. It moves somewhere between dumb shit punk, rock and roll and pop.
The Pretty Littles hope their CD finds a home in the cluttered glove box of your car amongst some suspect-looking napkins and a novelty lighter. That you put it on when you’re cleaning your house or getting ready to head out. They hope it induces the odd day dream when you’re on a crowded train on the way to work. They want you to put it on real fucking loud when you’re riding home quarter flash and half cut. Even if you just like the odd song or two, that would tickle their giblets in a big way.
Speaking of giblets, few things are likely to weird out your weekend better than their new video for their previously released track ‘Man Baby’. Full of blokes in ball gowns, ill-advised dancing lifts, and explosions of confetti, it’s the most weirdness packed into one shot since Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Watch it in the player in the gallery at the top of the page.
Gospel is set for release June 9th, just before the band accompany rising Melbourne punks Ceres on a national tour that will see them bringing the warm and fuzzy feels to Australian audiences throughout winter.
They’ll then return home to officially launch Gospel at The Workers Club in Fitzroy on July 31st.
Out June 9
With guests Sincerely Grizzy
Saturday June 27 – The Tote, Melbourne
Friday July 10 – Factory Floor, Sydney
Saturday July 11 – Crowbar, Brisbane
Friday July 17 – Crown & Anchor, Adelaide
Saturday July 25 – Old Bar, Melbourne
Friday July 31– The Workers Club, Melbourne *GOSPEL LAUNCH SHOW*


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