Q&A Scene: The Big 3

Q&A by Tommy McEwan

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
The Big 3 is a showcase of Roots Music Songwriting,this one featuring Robert Susz , Louis King and Robert James Kirk. we hope to expand this concept together great artists, working in the Genre ,including some from Overseas.

big3-promo How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
My sound could best be compared with Oysters natural. Not everybody’s choice but if you like it you can’ get enough. Also both are best consumed with a glass of champagne in your other hand!

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
My favourite song is ‘Elvis Jesus and the devil’, because it is my personal philosophy. Don’t let others make your mind up for you, work it out for yourself.

Any on the road anecdotes?
We played in Belgium one night and stayed in a tiny Bed and breakfast. The owner was proud of the brand new beds she had bought,that is ,until we all laid on them and they crashed to the floor! What’s the French for “I guess we shouldn’t have had those last Kebabs!

Where do you draw inspiration from?
The Battle between Men and women, for Freedom,Respect ,Equality and of course the use of the TV Remote.

What’s next for you?
In March we head back to Europe for a tour , More Chocolate, Beers, Chips with Mayonnaise, and trying to explain Melbourne Sharpie dancing to Germans

What’s your scene?
My Scene is people who want to Dance like they do when no-one’s looking .

About Big 3

Tommy McEwan (Louis king’s Alter ego) spent the 1980’s as drummer and songwriter for legendary Melbourne Ska Band No Nonsense. He formed Louis King & The Liars Klub after one of his songs “Werewolf baby” was covered by none other than Doug Mulray. With a stage act featuring everything from songs about Alien Rock’n’Roll afficianado’s to Sharpie Dance Competitions and Love letters to Girlfriends past he has taken his brand of Blues and rockabilly all over the world, performing at all the major festivals in Australia as well as extensive tours through the the UK and Europe. His shows are legendary parties and King himself has been described as “Coming on stage like a Haggis from hell!”


BiG 3 ROOTS RHYTHM & SOUL FESTIVAL feat. Continental Robert Susz, Louis King & The Liars Klub & Robert James Kirk
Friday 07 August
Flying Saucer Club

The BiG 3 Festival, a celebration of songwriting and performers, featuring 3 of Australia’s most dynamic performing and songwriting talent, together with an all star band in a 3 hour spectacular that promises to rock the roof off The Saucer this August. Featuring ‘Continental Robert Susz’ who is best known as the lead singer, songwriter & harmonica player of the 80’s soul band The Dynamic Hepnotics , who’s SMASH HIT, Continental Robert’s composition, “Soul Kind Of Feeling” dominated the charts in the mid 80’s, Louis King and the Liars Klub, one of The country’s most Dynamic performers and accomplished Songwriters and Robert James Kirk who spent 30 years of crafting out a living from the music industry. This night will feature the cream of Melbourne’s Roots Royalty and is not to be missed!

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