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Tell us about your new single and tour?

Our first single is titled ‘Owls’. It was the first tune we wrote as a group and it’s what has fuelled this really fast start for us. The great thing is in how it doesn’t slot into anywhere particular. Its emotive and uplifting and pop like but a little left of center so it’s a great reflection of us and what we want to do. The launch show is at the Toff on the 30th of June.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

Vegan, gluten free, low carb, lactose free, sugar free, fat free, free range, diet, vegetarian, kosher, zero calorie, halal, bio degradable packed, grass fed, sustainably produced, no artificial colours or flavours, baked not fried bowl of…parma. Chips on the side though, none of this underneath business.

Which of your songs resonate most strongly and why?

One of our songs called Dragon. It’s such a powerful song. Dragon has this free floating verse, a dynamic chorus that portrays a beautiful message of remembrance. The legacy of someone’s life is what we expressed through the lyrics and music and I think anyone who has experienced loss of a loved one, whether that be family member or friend can resonate with this track. Dragon is the 5th track on our self titled EP, coming soon.

Tell us a quick, on the road, anecdote.

We were in Sydney for the Listen Up Australia competition and we came up with the win. They gave us a trophy and someone had the bright idea to drink a beer from the cup. There was a hole in it so thinking quick we threw it up in the air and Beer cascaded onto the band and our mate Ali, drenching us from head to toe. I never like to see good beer wasted but this hilarious.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Experiences. I find the best songs are written about real life. It doesn’t have to be something you’ve done but when you’re always trying new things and going to new places you get a better scope on life. People and their stories can spark an idea that turns into a song. I find getting away from the hustle is good too. Taking the time to let your thoughts clear and your mind to ease into the writing process produces the best material.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Eternal Life by Jeff Buckley
It’s hard to pick one song off Grace, the album is a masterpiece. I feel this track has so much energy behind it! The drive of the riff gets me every time.

What’s next for you?

The single launch is coming up and is looking awesome. So excited to play. In between playing gigs I’m keen to write more and put pen the paper. One of the first feeling I got after recording was to go and write more music.

What’s your scene?

Anywhere with live music. Whether that’s a backyard, a dive bar or a festival, when I’m listening to music live I’m in my element. It’s the same with performing live too, I love the atmosphere that music brings. There’s nothing quite like watching someone making a guitar sing while the bands rocking on a groove.

Newcomers and last year’s Bank of MelbourneMelbourne Music Bank’ winners, Tempus Sun have today announced their debut single Owls, an unstoppable powerhouse that is built to embolden listeners and encourage them to discuss their struggles with others, out June 23.  The accompanying clip encompasses this completely, making the journey through hardship to come out stronger on the other side.  To celebrate, Tempus Sun will be launching the single with a show at The Toff on June 30.

Owls is just one of those songs; it hits you immediately, and doesn’t leave you until long after it is finished.  From the gentle acoustic opening, to the crescendo that roars into the final chorus, TempusSun have conceived a living, breathing entity, one which offers earnest guidance to the listener: “Speak up, my friend, the time to be heard is now.”  Helping to interpret the colossal anthem, lead guitarist Ed Borromeo offers, “Owls is about speaking up about our struggles.  It’s a tune relatable to anyone with troubles, be it in the past or ongoing.  It was created with mental illness in mind and the intention of influencing people to just have a chat about it with someone.  Coming from personal experience, something as simple as having a chat is very easy to disregard as helpful, or is easy to procrastinate on, but I found it to be the first step in combatting almost anything.”

Side by side, the video and track work seamlessly, anchoring the message of Owls assuredly and elegantly.  Directed by Edwin Tedjokusumo (Eskimo Joe), the clip boasts epic scenary and stunning underwater shots.  Keys player and vocalist from the band Grant Hardisty reflects on the making of the clip, “Our team has really gone to town in producing something visually beautiful, to match the depth and colour in the single.   We had a ton of fun driving around the Yarra Valley and searching for filming locations and eventually settled on the beauty of Redwood Forest in Warburton.  Combined with a couple of other locations, the story details the positive progression of mental health through the help of something as simple as speaking out.”

Well-deserved winners of 2016’s Melbourne Music Bank competition, Tempus Sun have gratefully reaped the rewards which have enabled them to propel their careers forward like they never could have imagined.  Out of hundreds of entries and thousands of public votes, the group took out the top prize which included the EP recording and mixing process, press photos, publicity, radio plugging and much more.  Grant enthuses, “Winning Bank of Melbourne’s Melbourne Music Bank was the most exhilarating experience of my life.  We entered it on a whim, with an optimistic ‘why not?’ attitude, but we never honestly considered that we’d be a shot.  I remember the call so vividly, where I had to leave class to answer and hear the ridiculous news that we had made the Top 12.  I replied to Laura on the phone, ‘are you kidding?’ to which she said, ‘that would be a pretty sick joke’!”

The band are set to wow audiences with Owls and much more at their single launch show at The Toff in Town on June 30.

Tempus Sun is Andrew Wortes, Rya Park, Grant Hardisty, Ed Borromeo, Sean Close and Liam Purser.


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