Q&A Scene: Sunny Rowlands ~ KING COYOTE

Tell us about your new single / album/ tour?

Our New single Coca Cola is our First single off the upcoming EP release WILD, on Nov 1st

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

Buttermilk Fried Chicken, ‘cause its just an old classic but all dolled up for the sale

Which of your songs resonate most strongly and why?

The Game resonates, also Moonlight Queen I think, very common problems, i think everyone has had to deal with issues like these in there life, feeling like they’re lost in a game chasing someone that has other intentions, or motives and i also think that a lot of people have had someone come into there lives right when they think needed in the most and cleaned up the mess, like a saviour of sorts.

Tell us a quick, on the road, anecdote.

Our guitarist Jimmy “unknowingly” getting on the sleepers and waking up with only a towel on in some random gucci caravan in byron, it was a rad night, played a fun show at the Northern, we were getting a bit worried the next day when we couldn’t find him though, shout out to DickLord.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Everywhere, nowhere, its funny… Some times I feel like its from in our heads and then we hear similarities to a record I used to froth on… But as in bands, Stones, Queens, Arctic Monkeys, Rage…. there’s heaps, for a lot of different reasons.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Jumpin’ Jack Flash, as it defines rock n roll in my opinion 

What’s next for you?

Soak up the love we’ve been getting for this release, got a few shows before the release of the EP on Nov 1, then back into the record… plenty on.

What’s your scene?

Rock n Roll

King Coyote consists of lead vocalist Sunny Rowlands (born 3 Oct 1988), drummer Steve Gerbhart (born 3 July 1986), guitarist James Buckley (Born 29 August 1991), bass player Josh Hall (born 10 July 1985) and guitarist Mike Montgomery (born 9 January 2000). The band is from Australia and California, USA: Sunny & Mike grew up in Port Macquarie, Steve is from LA, Josh from Forster & James hailing from Newcastle… King Coyote formed in January 2018 after stars aligning and worlds colliding. Here to shake it up.

King Coyote will be heading out on tour throughout October and November, kicking off in Burleigh at Moe’s Desert Clubhouse on Friday October 4, then heading through Kingscliff to support Grinspoon, home to Port Macquarie for a series of shows, wrapping with a summer show on December 28 at Tacking Point Tavern (Port Macquarie) supporting Thirsty Merc.

Coca Cola is for fans of true, classic rock n roll; the kind of song that makes you want to slam your empty glass on the bar and head straight to the dancefloor.  Evocative of rock auteurs Queens of the Stone AgeThem Crooked Vultures and JetCoca Cola is overflowing with heady guitar riffs and hooky vocals.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, lead vocalist Sunny Rowlands enthuses, “This song is a bit of old time rock n roll, a throwback with our twist.  Coca Cola was inspired by true love, about seeing the red flags and acting on it, before you lose too much time… or whatever the listener thinks it’s about really.  We like both!”

Wild is a diverse collection of rock music by a group of seasoned musicians who know exactly who they are and what King Coyote represents.  From the exhilarating opener Running Wild, to the affecting, emotive closer Diamonds, the EP is true to its namesake in every sense of the word – this music is undeniably Wild.  Produced by Michael Lynch (Jimmy Barnes, Midnight Oil, John Butler Trio), Wild meets the thematic golden trio – sex, drugs and rock n roll – head on, as Sunny says, “We’ve taken a bit of time with this EP, enjoying the road, the band bonding, the late nights, the long nights and all the in-between, helping us get the songs to the point that represents us truthfully as a band.  It’s taken a couple of years, but it was worth the wait for us – it shows how far we’ve come and how far we can go.”

King Coyote are set to perform tracks from Wild live throughout October and November, with a diverse run of headline shows and support slots alongside rock legends Grinspoon,Thirsty Merc and First Beige.  Revving up fans and letting them know what to expect, Sunny enthuses“The shows will be high energy, loud, and in your face – like a shot of coffee with your Red Bull!” 

King Coyote is Sunny Rowlands (vocals), Jimmy True Love (guitar, vocals), Stevie G (drums, vocals), Josh Hall (bass) and Mike Montgomery (guitar).

Coca Cola is out NOW. Wild is out November 1

Pre-order: WILD


Tickets available on the door

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