Q&A Scene: Louis Goutos ~ SIENNA WILD

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

Our new single is called “You Wouldn’t Know” and it is an electrifying and compelling dive into the shoes of a third party bystander who gets caught up in his best friend’s relationship! We tried to write a song that was from someone else’s perspective, someone outside the relationship itself, hopefully this comes through in the lyrics and the emotional energy of the song. Classic SWild though, guitars and dynamics and melodies…oh my! 

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

Our sound is like a beautifully prepared pasta primavera. Hearty and fulfilling, interesting texture and yet full of light and bright colours. But we are a carbohydrate, so be careful not to overindulge. And half of us are Italian, so you know it’s going to be good. 

Which of your songs resonate most strongly and why?

The two latest singles (“Falling Apart” and “You Wouldn’t Know”) resonate really strongly for us I feel. They have a really clear lyrical message and are the first singles from our new EP and a more evolved musical direction for us. They sound like us but have very different flavours to them, and our audience have responded really well to the both so far. 

Tell us a quick, on the road, anecdote.

Well, once upon a time, we were on the road, heading to Sydney, a magical land of milk and honey. We were going there to play a gig. After a long time, we got off the road and into a pub in Sydney, where we played a gig of our songs at the pub in Sydney. As soon as we started, we knew this really was a magical place. The faces, tastes, and smells were intoxicating. We played and the crowd went wild. We cried “Are you ready Sydney?” and they were. They were really ready. And we rocked, and they rocked, and it was the most fun we’d ever had with our pants on. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

We draw inspiration from everywhere, from our relationships, from our reality but mostly from new and old music. For us inspiration comes from our ambition to want to write music that makes us feel the way our favourite music makes us feel. We want to do to others what our favourite music does to us. That’s what inspires us, chasing that very special and specific feeling. 

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Wow, what a question. I reckon I say “I wish I wrote that” at least everyday, and about most Beatles or Arctic Monkeys songs. Probably the whole second side of ABBEY ROAD (The Beatles). It is a medley of around 8 songs, and it never stops sounding awesome and blowing my mind. It is a medley so it is not one song but cos it doesn’t ever stop, technically it is one song. So there. 

What’s next for you?

Huge tour this summer around Australia, then back to the studio to record new material and do it all again. 

What’s your scene?

Our scene is a pub in Melbourne that stinks of  stale beer, that has rock n roll built into its walls and splashed across the motif of the bar area.  It has wonderful music loving people in it and a slightly raised stage ready for us to play on.



Indie rockers on the rise, Melbourne’s Sienna Wild have today announced their exhilarating, gritty new single You Wouldn’t Know, a track that places the listener in a strange and unsettling situation between two lovers, released December 2.  The group have also released a killer lyric video to accompany the track.  To celebrate all things You Wouldn’t KnowSienna Wild is heading out on a national tour in January 2020, kicking off at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney on January 2, then moving through Adelaide, Brisbane, and wrapping up with a hometown show in Melbourne at The Tote on January 31. 

For fans of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Eskimo Joe and Arctic MonkeysYou Wouldn’t Know is an absolute firecracker of a song.  Soaring guitars reign, while searing, affecting vocals ride atop the arrangement with strength and power.  You Wouldn’t Know is pretty much everything a modern rock fan could want in a track, and is guaranteed to get you pushing your way through the dancefloor to bust a move.  Speaking on the interesting inspiration behind the track, bass guitarist and vocalist Louis Goutos enthuses, The sentiment behind the single came from me setting myself a challenge of writing from the perspective of a third party in a break up. Up to that point, our writing had been about power within a relationship, whether it be during good times or bad.  This time, I wanted to write a song about an outsider who becomes involved in a break up, as opposed to the two protagonists telling the story. It is essentially about a girl telling her boyfriend’s best friend she’s going to leave her man, but the boyfriend is too oblivious to realiseHence, he wouldn’t know, but the friend does!”

Sienna Wild are thrilled to be taking You Wouldn’t Know on the road, and it’s pretty clear why once you hit play on this track – it’s definitely one for a hot, sweaty, summer gig.  Giving fans a taste of what to expect from their 2020 tour, Louis says, Fans can expect a tight rock performance full of swirling guitars, crashing choruses and compelling dynamics.  You’ll see a band who have conviction and believe what they say, and mean what they do.  A good time for all!” 

As fans of music from the very beginning, Sienna Wild are a passionate group of young musicians who are excited to share this stunning new track with the world.  Reflecting on the formation of Sienna WildLouis says, Fortunately, I came from a musical family and there were always instruments around so I just started playing things and learning by listening. I started off with the piano, then the drums, until finally the bass called, and that was when I found my voice (so to speak). I found like-minded musicians and spirits in the guys from Sienna Wild, and haven’t looked back ever since. Also none of us are opposed to a few beers and a good time… I reckon listeners should get around Sienna Wild now, before someone else gets there first! You might just be the one to say I told you so’

Sienna Wild is Louis Goutos (bass and vocals), Jonathan Giokas (lead guitar) Lewis Ciavarella (rhythm guitar and backing vocals) and Lucas Manitta (drums).



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