Q&A Scene: Sean McMahon


Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

Our new single’s called ‘House Of Mirrors’. It’s about moving ahead and leaving behind destructive hangups and it’s got a real upbeat feel going on. Somehow it took a twist and seems as though its from the perspective of someone climbing the golden staircase in the sky.  “so long to Annie, and the rope around my neck”.  I think that makes sense though, like you’re telling yourself that person or part of you is gone, or, that was killing me! now its done.  It’s some kind of affirmation this song.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

Watermelon, or space food sticks for the MoonMen. Watermelon flavoured space food sticks. yummy

Which song resonates most strongly and why?

I’ve just revisited Phosphorescent’s album ‘To Willie’ while I’m writing this. All Willie Nelson covers. His version of ‘Gotta Get Drunk’ has everything for me. Great song, loose,jangly guitars and sounds like everyones having a ball playing

Have you been touring much? Any on the road anecdotes?

I’ve been touring a lot with another artist lately so I’m really looking forward to taking my thing on the road.  I’m touring in Feb with another band I’m in Jemma and The Clifton Hillbillies, so I’ll be playing twice every night and loving every second of it I’d say.  SA/ACT/NSW, some solo, some with the MoonMen. Lots of driving, still my favourite way to do it if I can find the time.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Inspiration can come from anywhere I think if you’re looking at it from the right angle or you squint your eyes just right. Pretty much all my friends play or just love music and I’ve got them to thank for everything I’ve ever heard I’d have to say. Sometimes you hear someone do their thing and it’s so completely them, their voice, they might be playing guitar, piano, harmonica, whatever, and it still sounds like them. Thats inspirational.

What’s next for you?

I’m looking forward to getting our album ‘Shiner’ out in April and playing more and more shows.

What’s your scene?

Melbourne’s my scene.  I just went around the corner and saw Michael Hurley! He always seemed to me in his music as almost a mythical character that never went to sleep or left his mountain shack, then there’s pictures of him playing in a backyard in Thornbury, and he did three night here. Thats saying something about people in this community.

Sean McMahonSean McMahon is a versatile artist with an unmistakable style and voice that ring true across a variety of sonic landscapes captured in his recording career to date, through the densely textured electric-guitar soaked alt country of Downhills Home’s, the sombre, sparse, bluesy hues on  ‘Welcome to Gippsland’, and the raw, dusty folk on ‘Live At The Last Hotel’ with acoustic trio Western Union.

While his last album was described as a journey through heartfelt alt-country that beautifully conveyed a singer/songwriter’s love affair with the American songbook and a 1930’s Kay guitar, his latest offering sees him move away from an acoustic, singer/songwriter approach, instead exploring a more eclectic blend of elements within blues, psychedelic country, folk, and rock’n’roll with his band the MoonMen.


The new single ‘HOUSE OF MIRRORS‘  from the forthcoming album by SEAN MCMAHON and the MOONMEN is now available for streaming/download via   seanmcmahon.com.au


Melbourne single launch: FRIDAY FEB 12 @ The Spotted Mallard
with special guests the Scouts and James Kenyon

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