Scene News: Scott Darlow releases rockin’ track ‘Runaway’ and announces tour dates.

Aboriginal singer-songwriter Scott Darlow has release heartland rock single ‘RUNAWAY’ from his 2016 critically-acclaimed album ‘Sorry’ and announces tour dates.

‘Runaway’ is a strikingly beautiful ballad based on a true story about a refugee couple escaping political danger from their home country with only each other for support. The catchy track is layered with summery guitars, smooth vocals, light percussion and a hooky chorus that will have you grooving along to the couple’s incredible journey.

The Indigenous activist and World Vision spokesman is on tour taking his powerful social message and guitar-driven rock to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. Scott Darlow is recognised for his continued activism through school programs, sharing his passion for music and creating awareness of our nation’s history and the country’s Indigenous culture. He is a proud Yorta Yorta descendent and has reached over 100,000 students a year for 10 years with his message on reconciliation and promoting The Australia Program with World Vision to provide assistance to those in need within Aboriginal communities.

Darlow’s inspiring performances encompass the traditional didgeridoo, guitar, soulful vocals and encourages support for Aboriginal communities with a focus on the principles of F.L.U.T.E (forgiveness, love, understanding, tolerance and empathy).

Runaway is a song I wrote about a 14 year old boy I met after a school performance in Melbourne. His mum and dad were living in Iraq, and married at 18 and 19. They fell pregnant straight away, and shortly after, things changed politically where they were living and they were in danger and had to get out. So they sold all their possessions to fund their escape. They sold everything including their shoes, and walked barefoot, pregnant and 18 from Iraq to Turkey, eating what they could find along the way, eventually finding their way to Australia via a refugee camp. This song is about courage, survival, perspective and love.


Musically it’s all front-foot rock, oozing in confidence and honesty.– ROLLING STONE

I wish that Darlow had played at one of my schools in my teen years.– KILLYOURSTEREO



Thursday July 20 – Exeter Hotel – Adelaide (Umbrella)

Runaway’ is available now through all digital outlets. l l

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