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Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

After a year of overthinking and late nights in the studio I’ve finally released my twin singles this month. I decided to launch ‘Daylight’ and ‘Better’ together as they always seemed like the question and answer to each other both lyrically and musically. Daylight is a really slow build ballad that sort of focuses on that feeling of falling for someone and knowing simultaneously that you’re definitely going to hit the ground hard, and Better is sort of about picking yourself up from that impact and having to convince yourself that you’re better off for it. I’ve also been incredibly lucky to work with director Emily Dynes and the girls at Majella Productions on both clips and I’m super proud of them both.
What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

Controversially, it’s actually a song I haven’t released. I wrote a song called ‘Salvation’ when I was seventeen and I find it really brings out something in the audience when I perform it. It’s a sad one I’ll admit, and I haven’t really found the right time or place to launch it commercially, and maybe I never will but it’s got a special place in my heart, and is usually towards the end of any of my live sets.
How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

Pesto pasta because it’s surprisingly addictive, and also because I really love pesto pasta and I’m trying to spread the word
Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Well, as a human meme there’s no shortage of tales I could tell here but I’ll try and keep it relevant: On the surface, the video for Daylight is a beautiful, slow motion, one-take sweeping sunset short film. But behind the scenes it was a synchronized mad rush to beat the sun setting behind us while trying not to accidentally blow up that old Holden Gemini with flares and fire. I think from the outside what must’ve been the funniest part was that to film choreography in slow motion we had to almost triple the speed of the audio, so in reality I was attempting these huge contemporary dance movements to an Alvin-and-the-chipmunks style cut of my own song. We only had the light for about 8 takes but I don’t think I’ve ever done more of a workout, or been that sonically overwhelmed since the beep test in high school.

What, or who, inspires you?

I’d have to say the people around me, both musicians and also members of my family, I’m inspired by the strength of others, I could listen to people talk for hours, I love hearing about their stories and what makes them tick. I find my writing is really influenced by thoughts and feelings and those are directly shaped by the people I spend my time with

Which song do you wish you wrote?

My answer to this question would probably change once a week, but right now I’m loving ‘Soon’ by Angie McMahon
What’s next for you?

I’m super excited to launch both singles next month in Melbourne and Sydney. I’ll be gigging the tunes at Workers Club Fitzroy on September 12 and Sydney’s Golden Age Cinema Bar on September 14. After that? Back into the studio to summon up more tunes…
What’s your scene?

I’m going for a Jekyll and Hyde answer on this because I’ve definitely got two scenes/moods/aesthetics/general states of being:

  1. On stage telling terrible jokes and singing to a good crowd
  2. Eating something bad for me and watching Harry Potter in my PJs

About Sannia

Radiant vocalist and songwriter Sannia has announced not one, but two magnificent new singles; Daylight and Better, released August 16. The two tracks are reflective of the growth of Sannia’s trademark intricate, emotive songwriting, and her voice soars with undeniable strength on both songs as the narrative melts from one track to the next. And the indie pop powerhouse has also released two stunning videos for the singles, directed by award-winning writer and director Emily Dynes (Teagan, Oh Pep!, The Gaze).

Daylight opens the window into Sannia’s heart and mind, with pulsing, nostalgic synths, and poignant, relatable lyrics woven amongst a gentle solo guitar. The story is familiar – unrequited love, not for a stranger but for a close friend, as Sannia explains, “I wrote this song on a train home after a big night out with friends, I sort of had this weird semi- inebriated epiphany that I was head over heels for someone close to me, and in that same moment I realised he absolutely didn’t feel the same at all. Like two ships passing in the night, or maybe a ship and a rowboat in my case.” The clip is striking even from the opening shot – a damaged car in a vast, open pasture, a fire smoking out, and Sannia, a little bruised, lying in the front seat in a flowing red dress. She rises, and moves instinctively with the song, as she describes, “I feel like I was most  vulnerable in this clip – I was absolutely terrified at first to include choreography in a one-take shot with a very small time frame to get it done was nerve wrecking but I think it’s the clip I’m most proud of.”

Better picks up where Daylight leaves off; the dust has settled on the relationship, and Sannia begins to believe in getting better, if only for herself. Another distinctive, swooping synth and an industrial-style drum loop moves this track into a modern, electronic space, while Sannia’s gorgeous vocals, evocative of both Meg Mac and Vera Blue, make this song distinctly hers. The clip features two lovers, dancing in a sunlit, empty house, then in a field at dusk…and then, they are apart, as Sannia says, “If there was anything in the world I wish I could do it would be dance, and the first thing I thought of when I imagined a video for this song was two dancers really representing the constantly shifting sands of a turbulent relationship. Emily managed to get in touch with choreographer Sian Kelly and two incredible dancers (Melissa Yvonne Pham and Ned Zaina) and suddenly this idea I had in my head that I absolutely couldn’t describe with words or my own lack of coordination actually came to life; I was completely blown away by Mel and the emotion she brought to the shoot.”

Explaining the decision to release both songs at the same time, Sannia says, “I decided to release these two together because I feel like they’re one and the same, not just in terms of their production or both videos being centred around dance and movement, but the two songs were really two different responses to the same situation. Daylight was the initial, really vulnerable call out and Better was the more defiant and explosive response.”

After an intense year of touring, Sannia is thrilled to be playing two exclusive live shows to celebrate the release of Daylight and Better. Giving fans a taste of what to expect from the shows, Sannia says, “I feel like we’ve grown so much from all the time not just performing but creating together and that definitely shows onstage. I think I’m the most honest version of myself and my emotions onstage, the music I write comes from a deeply personal place so I’m essentially revealing myself and embodying my work every time I perform and I can’t wait to share these new stories with a new audience.”

Daylight and Better were released on August 16.

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