Q&A Scene: Sad Grrrls Festival Special: The Girl Fridas

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

Bianca: We’re playing a residency at the Workers Club to launch our debut single ‘Daggers’! We’re playing each Tuesday night in August, which is five in total and we’ve curated each week to play with bands of a gender diverse lineup.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 

Bianca: Well obviously we’re loving our single! It was a song we kind of fell out of love with for a few months but then decided to revive it to see if it could potentially go on the next EP and suddenly it felt like a whole new song. When we brought it to the studio we were able to play around with different vocal styles and strumming patterns for additional guitar parts, which helped to breathe some new life into it.

Shannon: Also – we’re doing our very first video to accompany it, the idea to release the song as a single kind of spiralled from a throwaway thought of doing a highly stylised homage to violence in film, and a few months later here we are!

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Alice: We were getting ready to go on stage for a reunion gig we played with Klinger at Newtown Social Club and our attention drew to a man with long blonde locs milling about the crowd. “Ugh, who is that white dude with the locs?!” we muttered to each other in disgust before we realised it was Jay Whalley from Frenzal Rhomb.

Shannon: that was so surreal, especially being a fan of them in high school…

What, or who, inspires you?

Bianca: Modern art and classic literature! The three of us come from such different backgrounds and the knowledge and understanding each person brings to the band is so inspiring.

Shannon: Modern art is a big one for me too, but even just being in our burgeoning Melbourne scene is endlessly inspiring – so many amazing people doing exciting things!

Alice: Also from that scene comes our involvement in aspects of the DIY culture around Melbourne. That is a huge influence on our ethos.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

Bianca: That leftover slice of pizza that sat in the box on the counter all night.

Alice: Haha, I was going to say those drunk munchies of chips and dip that you’re fangin’ for on the way home.

Shannon: I can’t believe neither of you said macca’s soft serve
Which song do you wish you wrote?

Alice: Pussy Weed Beer – Chastity Belt

Bianca: The Sign – Ace of Base

Shannon: Get Lost – The Babies

What’s next for you?

Bianca: Well after the residency we’ll get back to writing songs for the next EP, and practicing our asses off to play at Sad Grrrls Fest at the Reverence Hotel in October!

Alice: We are really looking forward to Sad Grrrls Fest. It’s such a treat to be included on such a killer line up!

What’s your scene?

Bianca: My bed, my laptop, my cat.

Shannon: The dog park


“Daggers” by The Girl Fridas is out now http://thegirlfridas.bandcamp.com


Fighting the patriarchy by daylight and making music by moonlight: this Melbourne post-riot grrl three-piece are getting people talking.

To launch the release of their debut single, ‘Daggers’ and its accompanying music video, they set up camp every Tuesday night at the Workers Club for a whopping 5-week residency – with two weeks to go.

Each week they’ll be taking the stage with a new set of friends, with each band prominently featuring female, non-binary, or gender diverse members.

‘Daggers’ is the follow up release to their debut EP, The Girl Fridas Love You released in 201 5.

It’s an anti-catcall anthem with a stark guitar riff, thumping drums, and a chorus that begs you to shout along.


August 23: with Plastic Knife & Rupert Ramon, Only Leonie, and Piss Factory

August 30: with Hi-Tec Emotions and Chelsea Bleach

Doors: 7:30pm, $7 entry


Catch THE GIRL FRIDAS at Sad Grrrls Fest Melbourne – Saturday October 1st at The Reverence Hotel Footscray


Plus Acoustic Artists:


ALL SAD GRRRLS CLUB EVENTS ARE SAFER SPACES – this means event organisers reserve the right to ask any to leave who is engaging in behaviour that may make other patrons feel unsafe. This may include – sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, fatphobic, wh*rephobic or otherwise bigoted language; dangerous moshing or dancing without regard for other patrons; touching others without their consent; and any other kind of risky or dangerous behaviour. Be good to each other and have fun.

Tickets now from the Sad Grrrls Club website

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