Q&A Scene: Richard Walsh ~ THE ELECTRIC GUITARS

Tell us about your new album ‘Sideways Changeling’?

It’s a meditation on psychic doom, paranoia and fictional nihilistic emptiness.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 

The high paying kind.

And all the brand new songs we’re writing for the next album: Bad Radiation, 4D Weekend and Bleeding Fifths… not that we don’t love each and every song from our fresh new album, Sideways Changeling, out now on Volume Creep Records.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

We could’ve piled up all the amps and pedals we used and pretty much reached the moon.

What, or who, inspires you?

Up With People performing at the half time show at Super Bowl XVI made me realise what I wanted to do with my life. Thanks for reminding me.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

The Calico Wall “I’m a Living Sickness”

What’s next for you?

Shows, launches, albums, obscurity.

What’s your scene?

No scene wants anything to do with us, which is reassuring. We’re even shunned by the Anthropocene.

The Electric Guitars are about to release their second album, ‘Sideways Changeling’ for all flame-brained beatniks, slobbering gutter trash and ecstatic surfers of the cosmos. The album includes 40-odd minutes of Stooges-esque skronk rave-ups, mangled Phil-Spector-via-Jesus-&-Mary-Chain melodies, grandiose Jean-Claude Vannier affectations and epic explorations of nihilism and psychic doom. It was recorded by Paul Maybury in a disused Depression-era 3-D printing facility in Melbourne, Australia, and created by the disused Depression-era brains of The Electric Guitars.
It will be released on their own (and therefore prestigious) Volume Creep label, as was their first, self-titled, LP in 2015, and the recently released 7” double A-side single “Three Body Problem”/”Death from Beside”. “Three Body Problem” is nearly the opening track on the “Sideways Changeling” LP (preceded only by the short, tense, instrumental title track), but “Death from Beside” is only available on the 7”.  
“Death from Beside” has an accompanying video, containing nothing but footage of hot vintage speedway action and one for “Three Body Problem” is about to be revealed. This one was filmed by the band and started out intending to be a scathing commentary on “fake news” and media control, in the style of John Waters but ended up being about something far less tangible, in the style of David Lynch. It might still be about “fake news” and media control, who knows (or can tell)?
The painting that was used on the cover was by our friend and genius Trev Comley, of Adelaide, SA. It’s the same painting all over the album – just messed with and zoomed into and out of.  
” … explodes into incandescent action, and so does your head. This is some weird shit, in the very best psychedelic sense”  – Patrick Emery, MESS+NOISE (review of ‘The Electric Guitars’ LP) 
The Electric Guitars release their ‘Sideways Changeling’ album on Monday 19th March and will launch it at Woody’s in Collingwood, Melbourne on Friday 25th May.

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