Q&A Scene: RESD

Tell us about your new EP release ?

It’s called ’No Oxygen’. It started as an accident really. After a long period away from the live circuit, I found it hard to regroup. I needed something to jam to so I started writing beats on an iPad. Then that wasn’t enough so I added extra parts – Bass, Keys etc. I recorded the whole EP in my apartment on an old Mac and then sent the files to down to Michael at Jaya Jaya in Melbourne to be mixed. I think it turned out great, I’m really proud of it.
What’s your favourite work at this point in time?
Whatever I am working on is always my favourite work, though when I listen back to what I’ve done, long after it’s been mastered and ready for release, I like give it some distance before I listen again. That’s when I finally like it. This is probably more to do with how it was mixed by someone who has approached the songs from a different point of view. At first I’m not too sure but you have to have faith in that person to take what you’ve done and reshape it. So back to the question, the song ‘No Oxygen’ from the upcoming EP is my current favourite. The beat alone inspires me.
Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.
In my previous band, we were fortunate enough to have our album produced by the late Dean Dirt of Magic Dirt. It wasn’t easy, he wanted to see a live show before he’d commit to the project. From memory that particular show at Ding Dong Lounge turned out to be a disaster. The lead guitarist’s amp kept cutting out and I kicked a bottle of water all over my pedal board – shorting it out. The sound guy disappeared on a cigarette break for the duration of our set whilst the mics were feeding back… and then our bass player decided to recite a dirty limerick during one of the awkward in-between song silences as the rest of us stood around wanting the stage to open up and swallow us whole. It was awful. I remember heading back stage after the show saying to my manager “he’ll never want to work on this record”. Dean witnessed it all from the back of the bar but ended up liking the show, it all went wrong but we kept going. Soon after we flew back down to Melbourne to begin Pre-Production. I’ll never forget him, he pushed me vocally telling me “You’re singing the words but, I don’t believe you… do it again”.
What, or who, inspires you?
It depends, it could be a beat, the tone of the guitar or even the type of guitar I’m playing. In bands you’re usually inspired by each other but when i’m working alone I find that I need a kind of a trigger. It could be a drum loop that I’ve found or playing with guitar sounds and loopers. I’m mostly inspired by beats. My brother and I used to be in a band together. The majority of songs changed because of the way he played. I knew I needed his help with the new EP so I sent him demos and got him to mess around with the beats.. it changes everything… new guitar parts get written and that’s when the vocals really start to take shape.
Which song do you wish you wrote?
I can’t think of a particular song but I wish I’d written a lot of riffs and chord progressions. Albums like Rubber Soul and Revolver by the Beatles still blow my mind. These days most artists (myself included) only have 4 or 5 chords changes in an entire song whereas back then the “pop stars” were true musicians who studied music. I wish I could write chord progressions with better “bridging” chords.
What’s next for you?
I’m currently working on another record. I want to follow the EP pretty quickly. It’s a lot different to the first one.. There’s a lot more guitar and there is a change in the overall sound. It’s a lot happier… it think.
What’s your scene?
A dimly lit room, my guitar and a bottle of red.

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