Q&A Scene: PLUCK!

Q&A by Brendan Ewing

Tell us about your production/performance/play.

I play a guy called Jeremy Pluck. In a show called Pluck. So I’m like the title character. Some would say the main character, and they’d be right.

It’s a fucking funny show too. Sexy, violent and funny.

Which act/scene/performance resonates most strongly and why?

Without giving too much away: The character I play, Jeremy Pluck, simultaneously messing around with his gun, getting a blowjob from his wife and day dreaming of his neighbour’s wife erotically cleaning. The layers.

Any funny stories along the way?


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I prefer water colours when it comes to inspiration.

Look, anything. Unexpected places. Nothing works all the time. Or if you rely on it too much. Like drugs…. Just put drugs.

What’s next for you?

I’m in a show touring around WA called Shadowboxing. Written by and also featuring Ella Hetherington. Actually opening tomorrow. I’m on the train coming back from the last dress run. So that will continue after Pluck.

What’s your scene?

Right this is my stop. Gotta go. Can’t walk and write. Sending. Now.


Website:  http://slyrattheatreco.squarespace.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/slyrattheatre

SLY RAT THEATRE Co. in conjunction with THE BUTTERFLY CLUB presents


SLY RAT THEATRE CO. brings blood, sex and shoot-outs


Season: June 30 – July 5


 SLY RAT THEATRE CO. is excited to announce that its first production of 2015 is Steve McCall’s biting black comedy, PLUCK! In association with THE BUTTERFLY CLUB, Melbourne, the SLY RAT THEATRE team are bringing their unique brand of pitch black comedy and melodrama to The Butterfly Club stage this June.

Starring acclaimed actor BRENDAN EWING as Dr. Pluck. He will be joined onstage by a group of Melbourne’s finest up and coming actors. He is joined by TODD LEVI, recently seen onstage at the La Mama Courthouse and on TV screens in the ABC’s acclaimed production of Parer’s War (2014). Todd’s playing Pluck’s noble adversary – the nefarious police officer, Wyatt.

Alongside this dastardly duo is MICHAELA BEDEL (NationalTheatre Drama School), WALTER HANNA (LASALLE College of the Arts)and LEE QUEK (NICA) in this bombastic comedy, directed by NIDA graduate ALAN CHAMBERS.

Following SLY RAT’S critically acclaimed production of Andy Harmsen’s DOOMSDAY DEVICES (2014), PLUCK! is the story of psychologist, Jeremy Pluck (Brendan Ewing). Pluck is trying to get his marriage back on track. Unfortunately, he’s failing miserably.

One night Pluck and his wife, Daphne, are trying to rekindle their passion. They take a romantic stroll through the park at midnight. Things take a nefarious turn when a misspent youth mugs them, nabbing Daphne’s heirloom necklace.

Now Daphne thinks Pluck is a flat-out wuss. She wants her necklace back. She wants a mean-looking dog. She wants a state-of-the-art security system for their bourgeois, suburban fortress. However, Pluck reckons he can satisfy her with his big, black gun. At the end of the day, Daphne just wants to feel safe again.

Nominated for the ARTRAGE Theatre Award WA 2013, PLUCK! is a ferocious one-act play that grapples head-on with love, lust, God, and what (if anything) it means to be a man. Blood, sex and shoot-outs that would make Sergio Leone blush, Pluck is dripping with enough Biblical fervour to fill the Book of Revelations.

‘It’s going to be a fun night out. Laughs, a bit of blood … It’s a tale about a couple who reignite their passion for each other through blood and gore. What’s not to love? It’s also being told by a group of Melbourne’s finest actors’. Says director ALAN CHAMBERS.

PLUCK! is set to continue SLY RAT THEATRE’S strange and heady concoction of comedy and edge. The company has made an exciting name for itself over the last couple of years. PLUCK! is set to blow that out of the water!

PLUCK! opens Tuesday June 30 and runs until Sunday July 5th at The Butterfly Club, Melbourne. Performances at 8:00pm (July 1st & 5th) and 9:00 (July 2nd, 3rd& 4th).

Bookings for PLUCK! can be made at: https://www.thebutterflyclub.com/


Opening night – Tuesday 30 June at 8:00pm

Wednesday 1 July at 8:00pm

Thursday 2 July at 9:00pm

Friday 3 July at 9:00pm

Saturday 4 July at 9:00pm

Sunday 5 July at 8:00pm


THE BUTTERFLY CLUB, Carson Place, Off Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


$32.00 Full / $28.00 Concession/ $25.00 Opening Night



ph. 9663 8107


Brendan Ewing, Todd Levi, Michaela Bedel, Lee Quek Walter Hanna

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slyrattheatre

Website: http://slyrattheatreco.squarespace.com/

Bookings: https://www.thebutterflyclub.com/

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