Q&A Scene: Phillip Lee Curtis

Tell us about your new show?
The show is called ‘…and why do I care?’. It focuses on what happens once someone has achieved their goals, is it what you thought it would be? Was it all worth it? More specifically for me, I lost 58kg, came out of the closet and had a tummy tuck all within about 3 years, so it talks about what happened once I had achieved all of these things, how I got used to the new me and how at 25 I finally started dealing with the simple things like dating and relationships, which most people usually go through at 16. The show is made up largely of pop/rock songs from the 90’s/early 2000’s, I’m very much a product of my youth. They range from cheesy pop, to angry rock and are often rewritten to include an unexpected twist or my tongue in cheek sense of humour.

How would you describe your show in food form and why?
[pullquote]What’s your scene?
Can I have more than one? Can I have them all?! [/pullquote]All you can eat? My show, like my life, is very much like a yoyo diet, I offer up a colourful Pizza with the lot, but require you to do 40 minutes of cardio beforehand. The show has it’s funny moments and it’s serious moments, but I would say that generally it’s pretty sweet. I have a lot of room for dessert in my life, so if you’re a sweet tooth you’ll love the show.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
The beauty of cabaret is that it changes every night. What resonates with the audience one night will be totally different the next night. In this show I would say there are two main songs that resonate with me, one called “What is Love?” which talks about trying to understand what love is when it’s all around you but you feel like you’re missing out, and “Good Goes the Bye” which discusses a relationship that just isn’t working, despite your best efforts. These two songs were the building blocks for the show. But I dare say the one that will resonate with the audience will be a fairly faithful cover of Alanis Morissette’s You Oughta Know. Because it hits the nail on the head, everyone can relate to that feeling of betrayal and heartache and Alanis was able to accurately put it into words, so I left that one pretty much intact. But despite these three heavy sounding songs, the show is really quite happy!

Any on the road anecdotes?
Nothing specific to this show just yet, however I will say that wrangling 4 drag queens to star in an associated video has been one of the more interesting experiences of my life. Hopefully one that will be worth it! I also got my arm crushed by a tram door on the way to an interview, that was fun!

Where do you draw inspiration from?
I tend to just draw it from life and experience. I’ve always been very inspired by the music I listen to and also the artwork that goes along with it. I’m a graphic designer by day so I’m always dreaming up new ways to interpret music, which has now come full circle and I apply those ideas back into shows. Plus the audience themselves, every time someone comes up to me to share there story after a show, it drives me to continue sharing mine, in new and different ways.

What’s next for you?
Survival! I’m mainly going to be focusing on the initial run of the show at the Butterfly Club, but hoping next year to tour it interstate and build on it. My previous show was very tough to tour so I decided to let it rest a while and may revisit it someday. I also enjoy designing for people within the Melbourne Arts Community, so I’m always happy to be creating.

What’s your scene?
Either a glittery over the top pop concert or a crime novel by the pool. Or a bad 90’s TV show on the couch. Can I have more than one? Can I have them all?!

About Phillip Lee Curtis

Having laid bare his battles with depression, obesity and confused sexuality in his smash hit 2014 debut show ‘WHO IS POSHLOPEZ?’, Phillip Lee Curtis returns to the Butterfly Club with his brand new show, ‘…AND WHY DO I CARE?’ which promises to be equally camp, twisted and hilarious!

…and why do I care sees Phillip shed the need for an alter ego (PoshLopez) and tackle the stage himself, no topic off limits. From a 58kg weight loss to a tummy tuck at 24, Phillip is able to tell his story from his own point of view, giving a more honest account of his struggles. But while he is more than happy to discuss his past, he’s far more interested in finding out what happens next. What happens once you’ve achieved your goals? Is it everything you ever wanted? And the big question, was it all worth it?

Phillip explores his newfound confidence and the life he fought so hard for, from the realities of plastic surgery, life in the LGBT community, and the one subject that continues to elude him, love.

Featuring songs from artists including Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez and the Spice Girls (to name a few), …and why do I care is a celebration of life, pop music and triumph that promises to take the audience on an exhilarating and heartwarming adventure to self discovery while prompting them to reflect on their own lives and achievements. To add to the multi faceted show and reflect life’s ever changing path, Phillip opens it up to the audience to pick the ending, meaning no two shows will be the same!

Join Phillip Lee Curtis on his new journey, from old scars to new loves, and his quest to discover if any of it even matters. …and why do I care? opens at The Butterfly Club on Wednesday 2nd November and runs for 5 nights. Bookings recommended.

“Stunning and raw” – The Modern Con

“Curtis is clearly talented” – Pop Culture Y

“Curtis’ story is one of resilience, transformation, and the cathartic power of creativity.” – The Weekly Review


Directed by

With music by

Written and Produced by

Show Details: Phillip Lee Curtis in …and why do I care?

Dates: 4th – 8th of November
Time: 7pm
Cost: $25-32
Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Ticket link: thebutterflyclub.com/show/and-why-do-i-care

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