Q&A Scene: Pete Lyrebird

Tell us about your new single/album/tour?

Pair Of Rogues is my debut EP release. Yet the songs relate to an ongoing theme of mine, that of ‘roguery’ – those among us whose obsessions and delusions become the instrument of their own demise. Other than myself, It features performances by musicians uniquely gifted for this projects demands. We’ll officially kick things off with a performance at Melbourne’s The Workers Club on February 18, and it will be available in both digital and physical form from February 19.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

If this is about my own work, I’ll have to be predictable and say this EP. We were in the fortunate position of being able to improvise and experiment a lot in the process, which was great fun and I think contributed to the mood a lot. There’s songs there that have been refined over several years, but also pieces that were complete improvisations and experiments. It was exciting to capture these in the very moments of creation. So, It’s an EP combining the best of both worlds for me – careful refinement and improvisation. The band I worked with on this, once again, were perfectly suited and fully embraced the spirit of the project, which I feel has contributed to the mood, also.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote…

The year was 2016. The month, probably about August. The time… probably 3:22am. The place, Preston. After a satisfying late night recording session, I stand on the street awaiting an Uber pickup. Looking at my phone, I’m transfixed by the graphic of the approaching car. After a minute or two, I instinctively lift my head and look directly to my left. Standing at a distance of approximately 4 metres is the profiled silhouette of the biggest, most bushy tailed fox I’ve ever seen. It then turns it’s head to look at me, literally jumping from surprise upon doing so. Excitedly, I say ‘hey foxy!’ – to which it runs toward a nearby cemetery. I recall once reading a statistic that there are, apparently, 2 foxes per square kilometre in Melbourne. Elusive though they are, perhaps this development indicates that, if you stand still for long enough at the right time, they will come to you…

What, or who, inspires you?

Askin’ the big ones, huh… fair enough. This can take many forms… it can simply be something small about a person or thing I pass by on my daily jaunt that provides some inspiration. Other times, it seems to come from some place within, or the imagination. Musically and artistically… as a common theme I’m most inspired by anyone who manages to express themselves from a place that’s uniquely or authentically themselves, not playing things too safe (unless that’s somehow unique to an artist). I think anyone can achieve this, but it can take a lot of work and a certain amount of vulnerability, and therefore the bravery to put oneself out on a limb. I mean there’s a real risk of obscurity and financial oblivion in expressing yourself from the most honest place, because that’s not always going to widely resonate. But there’s of course a chance to create something beautiful and unique in that.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

The one I’m always dreaming of. The one that I try to follow my nose to in my waking hours and that keeps me tossing and turning in my sleep. that perfect song… it’s an elusive thing.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
Goulash. Smokey goulash… anything smokey. Plenty of bass heavy potatoes and some higher, more melodic green notes. Why, you ask… well, the songs are smokey, slowly cooked and (some would say) best served in the depths of winter.

What’s next for you?

Musically? After this, I look forward to winding down with a late night singalong session at home. Smokey whiskey, an old guitar and some good company. Maybe I’ll make a pot of goulash too, come to think of it.

What’s your scene?

Well, sometimes I like to think of myself as a character in a film noir. A film noir with a splash of colour. Somewhere before the third act, when things are starting to get real smokey, the evil eye’s are flying thick and fast and the mood’s at a peak level of mystery and intrigue. I may well only be imagining that I’m in this scene, but it’s my scene nonetheless.



Described as “gifted with a rich, sonorous voice, and the songs are haunting and melancholy’ by UK publication Edinburgh Spotlight, Pete Lyrebird is excited to be launching his debut EP Pair Of Rogues at The Workers Club on Sunday 18th February. Having held his cards close to his chest for some time, this news will come as welcome relief to loyal fans of his songs.

Creating music that can broadly be described as a rich brew of atmosphere drenched experimental folk, Pete Lyrebird is the new musical incarnation for singer-songwriter and actor-maker Pete Reid. Pete formerly fronted and wrote for rum soaked Melbourne dirge specialists Pete and the Tar Gang, and the new material takes a more stripped back but no less bold approach. A unique combination of stagecraft, original songwriting, and both traditional and experimental musical forms will deliver a compelling and intimate live experience that’s highly transportive. This is the specialty of Pete Lyrebird’s shows, seemingly stepping out of some shadowy half imagined and half real cultural past to create music in our present time that’s both highly original yet strangely familiar.

Pair Of Rogues EP features performances by guest musicians including singer-songwriter Steph Brett, and pianist Wayne Joseph Kington, both will join Pete for the launch, alongside his regular entourage of musicians Jeremy Parker and Andrew Shields, as well as several backup singers, guarantee-
ing it to be a very special event. As is Reid’s signature, this will be a gig that goes beyond being a straightforward concert to include visual, atmospheric and performative elements designed to take audiences on a journey through song and sound.

Melbourne based Tasmanian born, but having travelled to many corners of the globe, Pete is excited to be launching his EP in Melbourne. in his first solo adventure (he’s known locally for his musical crusades in Pete & The Tar Gang) Pete Lyrebird creates a form of musical storytelling that is both ancient and modern, blending various art forms and artistic approaches to deliver immersive original songs, transporting audiences to another time and place.

Supporting Pete Lyrebird at the launch will be Scurvy And The Dogs who are the grunge folk storytelling/dirty punk poetry brainchild of singer-songwriter and artist Cat Scobie. Also supporting will be Steph Brett, the sultry voiced lead vocalist from disco-soul band Sugar Fed Leopards.

The Philadelphia Music Examiner (US) describes Pete’s work as “Not just different, but eclectic, avant-
garde, poetic, endlessly creative, mysterious, artistically genius, and infinitely entertaining’ don’t miss his EP Launch. Entry is $15 at the door and $12 for concession.

Pete Lyrebird EP launch
Sunday 18 February
Workers Club
51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
$15 entry at the door
Doors @ 7pm an interview,

Supports : Steph Brett plus Scurvy & The Dogs
www.petereid.net Lou Ridsdale

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