Q&A Scene: Sebastian Hafner & Daniel Friedl ~ ITCHY (formerly Itchy Poopzkid)

Tell us about your new album “All We Know”…

Daniel Friedl (Panzer): “All We Know” is our seventh record and we spent one and a half years working on it. It´s always an intense period of time, writing songs, looking for inspiration, working on lyrics and then finally recording it. Now that it´s released, it´s really a fantastic feeling to get so much positive feedback from the fans and also the media. I think our new record is a mixture between classic ITCHY punk-rock songs and some new styles that we tried to bring in this time. There are so many people at the moment telling that it´s the best record we have done so far, so I guess it´s absolutely okay if we believe them;

Sebastian Hafner (Sibbi): We always believe people who tell us we’re great. It makes our lives a lot easier. (laughs)

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

Sibbi: You mean the songs on the album? We just released “Fall Apart” as a single and we’re really proud of this one. It’s about the first world problems we all face every single day, like weak wifi-signals, bad Star Wars prequels, rain, gaining weight, bands who change their names and stuff like that. Everybody can relate to that. But when you compare those things to the problems people have, who don’t know where to sleep tonight or what to eat tomorrow, they totally pale in comparison and that kinda makes you embarrassed about how we became.

The change in band name from Itchy Poopzkid to just Itchy – was this a decision made to help the band break out of Germany?

Panzer: First of all it was a decision that was made to bring an end to this unbelievably dumb band name. We never tried to hide that we´re no fans of that old name and after 15 years of explaining why we´re called Itchy Poopzkid, we really had to get rid of the last part. Furthermore, we have always been a band that had political and critical content in our lyrics, so it just fits better if the band name doesn´t sound as childish and stupid as the old one. Now we kinda feel free and nothing can stop us from continuing with this band for the next 50 years.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Sibbi: That’s a tough one, since there are probably thousands of them, but one thing we are proud of is the night we drank 500$ worth of free drinks at an official aftershow party in a really fancy club. One day later we found out, that this official aftershow party was actually two buildings down the road and we were at the wrong club the whole night. Why the wrong club gave us free drinks is a miracle to this day.

What, or who, inspires you?

Panzer: I always try to consume as much new music as I can find. For me it´s always interesting to hear what other artists and bands are into at the moment. I find it very important to not only listen to punk rock but many other genres and styles of music. I think that´s absolutely necessary to keep myself inspired.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Panzer: I´d say “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters, because I never get tired listening to this song even though I know it for years. In my opinion it is the best rock song that has ever been written. And the music video is also great, by the way.

Sibbi: I would have loved to have written “Emotion Sickness” by Silverchair. They are one of my favorite bands of all time. Must be because they are from Australia (laughs).

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

Panzer: Maybe a coconut. It´s hard to find your way in, but once you broke the shell, it´s simply delicious.

Sibbi: I’d describe our live shows as very hot Mexican Food. It’s totally great when you eat it but it will hurt the next day.

What’s next for you?

Sibbi: The last question of this interview I guess?

Panzer: We’re gonna play a shitload of shows this year, release another music video and then hopefully make it down to Australia in the near future. 

What’s your scene?

Sibbi: Looking at your website, I can’t decide between the music scene or the food scene. I’d say first a good rock show and afterwards some delicious food. Really hot Mexican food, of course (laughs).

Grab your copy of Itchy’s ALL WE KNOW here!


It is an amazing feeling when there is no need for something, but the possibility for everything. When you, just like punk rock band ITCHYdon’t have to follow certain trends and then drown in some hype, or suddenly be forgotten. When one suddenly realizes how good they look with skinned elbows, old trousers, blood-crusted lips and a smile with several teeth missing.

And it is amazing when you don’t have to get the dirt off your clothes anymore. Because after 15 years of band history and more than 900 shows in 20 countries, Sibbi, Panzer and Max from ITCHY can finally relax with their 7th studio album entitled »All We Know«. Nowadays they’ve started travelling with the absolute know-how of their own strengths – without any luggage. After the first one and a half decade, with their latest album reaching number 5 on the German album charts in 2015, WITHOUT any big TV show and thick pants, as well as a long break, the trio from Eislingen an der Fils has changed their old band name ITCHY POOPZKID to ITCHY – the actual nickname of the band, which has been used by fans for several years now. It is time for the band to concentrate on new, important things:

Lyrically and musically, »All We Know« is much deeper, more diverse and mature, or even “more adult”. If you could ever have your musical Coming of Age as an old stager of the punk rock scene, then please do it like ITCHY did! You can find lots of chin hooks directed to individual persons, as well as social-critical beatings in singles like ‘Nothing’ or ‘Fall Apart’, but this time just somehow more casual, cooler and prancing. The new songs on »All We Know« are full of groove, positive power and singalong hooks, while still being melancholic and thoughtful, without being embittered. In other words: with all that energy, ITCHY do not necessarily take the shortest route to run through the wall head first, to allow the sun to shine through it. They don’t have to. With songs such as ‘The Sea’, the summer has been brought along for the festivals that are waiting for the reliable live band ITCHY and their new songs.

With Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast, the band has now found a new label home after three DIY releases via their own record company Findaway Records. This new label couldn’t fit any better with the band’s working ethos! But let’s leave the boys talk about everything while having a relaxing drink… Oops, they’re back on stage again. Damn, they just work too much! Great! — Ingo Donot



ITCHY online:
https://www.instagram.com/itchyofficial1/  https://twitter.com/itchyofficial1

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