Q&A Scene: Olivia Wynn ~ Thomas Wynn & The Believers

Who were your influences growing up?

First off, thank you for your interest in our music and our lives.  What a wonderful thing to have appreciation come from afar.

In my early teens I really got into The Band, and I never really got out of them.  They’ve been paramount throughout the years.  Also, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd really got into my blood early on.  As far as music from the south goes, Cowboy, Tom Petty, and The Allman Brothers have been my favorites.

How did you form your band and how were you received when you first began?

I formed this band, The Believers after my brother and my band, called The Wynn Brothers Band dissolved.  I wanted to continue on and have a group of musicians that believed in what we were doing and so “Thomas Wynn And The Believers” was formed.  In our region of the south we have been well received since the get.  Very humbling.

Briefly describe your song-writing and recording process for the readers? Do you ever go into the studio with something already worked out or is it all a matter of jamming on the day?

So far the songwriting process has been done before we enter the studio.  Some production and arrangement has definitely happened while we’ve recorded, but the overall songs have been written.

Tell us about your new album Wade Waist Deep?

This new album was a new experience for us, recording wise.  Never before had we been able to devote such a span of time in succession towards an album. We spent a month all together in Nashville recording with producer Vance Powell at his studio, Sputnik Sound.  In our opinion, it’s our best release to date.

On your latest release which was your most challenging/rewarding song and why?

All of the songs came with their own hurdles to overcome, having Vance at the helm though, with his experience and expertise I believe we were able to conquer them all. To pick one song though, I’d maybe say “Thin Love”. It’s probably the biggest departure from our “norm”. But we all liked the song and wanted to capture it in the way it needed.

Are your lyrics reflective of your life?

Often times they are.  Definitely that has been my pattern.  Although I co-wrote a number of tracks on this new album and it’s been good to bring two personalities, and perspectives in on the process.  However in order to sing with conviction I’ve needed the idea to come from me…maybe won’t always be the case, but it has been so far.

What is your favourite work at this point in time?

This album for sure is my favorite work, and I can say with confidence that the band agrees.

Do you think politics has a role in music?

I think that definitely depends on the artist.  Music is such a personal thing, I haven’t personally felt the desire to become political in our music.  However that may not always be the case.

What music do you listen to now?

It’s all over the map.  Our bass player David Wagner keeps a pretty extensive vinyl collection on the road and we always have music going in the green rooms…anything from George Duke to Kendrick Lamar can be heard….personally I’ve been really diving into Bruce Springsteen’s catalogue.  I love his songwriting and delivery.

How do you feel about touring? Are there any on-the-road anecdotes you can share with us?

I love touring, in a lot of ways…although also wish I could just release records and not tour, (a la early Steely Dan).  With a wife and young son now it’s hard to be away, and without their support to continue it would probably be too hard.  It’s what needs to happen though for us to grow, and everyone understands that.  That being said, it’s a wonderful thing to experience new places and the faces that come with it.  We love to get out in nature when we can on the road, learning about the country, and culture.  So we can potentially, a little bit, feel where the people are coming from and try to relate.

Is there an Australian tour in the near future?

I hope so!  We would love to come visit and rock out for you.

What is next for you/the band?

We plan to be on the road for the foreseeable future.  I’ve also begun writing for our next release.

What is your “scene”?

I think we just wanna be around folks that are good people that dig good music.  I’m not too concerned with “genres”…

New album Wade Waist Deep is out now on Mascot Label Group / Mascot Records





Meet Thomas Wynn and The Believers, an American band with a striking new organic rock record about building a better life, a life you really believe in. Named #1 Rock Band and #1 Country/Folk Band in the city for seven consecutive years by the Orlando Weekly, Thomas Wynn and The Believers are breaking beyond the Southern rock scene with the release of their new album, Wade Waist Deep, their Mascot Label Group debut.
The record is packed with the facts that make American music timeless the deep Southern heat of the guitars, the complex, pulsing rhythms, and the male female vocal harmonies that sound like only a brother and sister can. Breathtakingly in sync with his vocalist sister, Olivia Wynn, Thomas Wynn sings about overcoming fear to become the person you were meant to be. Wynn, who fell in love with The Band’s first album Music from Big Pink in his early teens, brings classic country rock and soul into the new century with tunes that evoke the best of CSNY, Levon Helm, and John Prine.
Growing up in Orlando, Wynn played guitar and bass in church with his brother, while Olivia sang in the choir. Family and Bible study gave rhythm to their lives. “Our parents and our church were certain,” says Olivia, who participated in the Orlando Deanery Girls Choir, where she received vocal training and sang in cathedrals. “My favorite part was watching my dad [the original drummer of the legendary 70’s country band Cowboy] listening,” remembers Olivia. “I think he was trying to pick out my voice.” So the drummer once signed to Capricorn Records (Allman Brothers Band, Marshall Tucker Band, etc), now a family man, sat quietly in church and heard in his children the new voices of Southern rock.
The birth of Wade Waist Deep saw Thomas Wynn and The Believers traveling from Florida to Sputnik Sound studio in Nashville, where the band recorded with four time Grammy award winning producer, Vance Powell (The White Stripes, Jack White, Chris Stapleton). “I really wanted to do it outside of our hometown,” said Wynn. For the month of August 2016, Wynn and The Believers went on a journey to a sonic place that’s big, bright, and visionary.

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