Q&A Scene: Nicholas Costello

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
I will be launching my brand new EP ‘Hangs On My Door’ at the Evelyn Hotel on 26 August. I’ll be playing as six-piece band, so it’s gonna be sounding mighty lush. There’ll be two guitarists, bass, kit, cello and synth goin’ on. I cannot wait for this thing, the whole band are sounding bloody magnificent, I think it’ll be really special. The support acts are also really bossin’. There’ll be this princely alt-folk dude playin’, named Mcrobin, he’s superb. Rowena Wise, who’s fast becoming folk royalty in Australia. She is a beautiful songwriter, with a killer voice. Amber Isles are possibly one of my favourite bands in Melbourne, they write ambient indie-pop stuff, they are about as sweet-sounding as it gets.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?
The best thing I’ve done to date is without question this new EP. However, I cannot single out one of the tunes, I reckon they all sound pretty neat (which I have my brilliant producer-extraordinaire Jordan Dempster to thank for that).

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.
[pullquote]My sound is like a good ol’ fashioned lemon cheesecake. It contains just enough simplicity, a little cheese, and a bittersweet flavour that lingers on. [/pullquote]When I was recording my last EP Glow, about half way through recording one of the songs, the engineer and I decided we wanted to put some hand-percussion into one of the tracks, we couldn’t work out how we were going to do this though, as the usual options (cajon, bongo, djembe etc.) weren’t quite right. So we ended up using a combo of cardboard boxes and guitar cases to record percussion – which produced some pretty great results. Still my favourite aspect of any song I’ve recorded to date, hehe.

What, or who, inspires you?
Inspiration eh? lots of music inspires me that’s for sure. Current artists like Father John Misty, Patrick Watson, Julia Holter and M.Ward are some that I really dig. Musical legends like Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Mark Kozelek, The Cure and REM have always and will continue to inspire me.

Which song do you wish you wrote?
Man, there’s so many songs I wish I wrote, but if I had to go just one it’d probably be ‘Love Really Hurts Without You’ by Billy Ocean, it’s just such a brilliantly catchy tune. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a song that makes me feel so joyful yet melancholic, it’s just an unusually cool combination. So awesomely saccharine and feel-good yet also sincere, and heartfelt. I dig it.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
My sound is like a good ol’ fashioned lemon cheesecake. It contains just enough simplicity, a little cheese, and a bittersweet flavour that lingers on.

What’s next for you?
Once I’ve released this EP into the wild, I’m planning on doing a residency or two in the coming months. After that, me and the band will be gearing up for a little East Coast tour in November.

What’s your scene?
My scene is a pretty broad one to be honest. I think my music reflects my interests and the company I keep: A big melting-pot of personalities, ideas, and Pokémon. It really is a miracle I can write anything semi-coherent given al the different voices in my life (and in my head for that matter). But I love the scene I’m in, whatever it may be.

About Nicholas Costello

One of Australia’s most compelling independent artists, Nicholas Costello, launches his third EP, ‘Hangs On My Door’, on Friday 26 August at The Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy. Supporting Nick’s launch are indie folk artists Rowena Wise, Mcrobin and Amber lsles – a stellar line-up, that will leave the audience captivated and wanting more.

Delivering his unique, dream-folk sound, ‘Hangs On My Door’, is Nicholas’ most bold, lush, balanced and meaningful work yet. The EP addresses questions surrounding the process of ‘growing up’, and themes centred on anxieties about adulthood juxtaposed against the wonder and carefree nature of childhood.

Nicholas imbues the entire EP with a magical quality that evokes this kind of introspection. Particular themes of homesickness, dreams, depression, optimism, solipsism and loneliness are all explored in the five tracks.

Based in Melbourne, Nicholas is a 25-year-old solo artist and has been writing songs since he was 15. Described as having a natural flair for crafting melodies and writing lyrics, his songs display an emotional and intellectual depth borne out of personal experience. They are introspective in nature; but are nonetheless stylistically and sonically diverse and nuanced.

His debut EP, ‘Definite Blue (2014), focused on some personal demons which tormented him, and the follow up ‘Glow’ (2015), serves as a reminder of the importance of following your dreams. Both were well-received by both fans and music critics, with Lipmag describing his music as “a folk-rock dream” and commending the “melancholic ambience of his music”.

Nicholas has been performing since the age of 17, fronting several Melbourne bands including Punk Rock group, Curtainfire and the Indie-Rockers Siblings. In 2012, Nicholas decided to pursue a solo career. After several years of experimentation, his musical and lyrical style have crystallised into music that displays a combination of romantic and darkly intense lyricism, together with a dreamy folk aesthetic.

“Nicholas Costello is a highly accomplished songwriter….”Costello’s delivery is something to behold.”
Josh Forner, Melting Pot’s Top 4

“It’s a dark and sweetly sombre sound, it’s a timeless sound.” Damon Smith Director, web series, ‘The Night Sky Is A Jewellery Store Window’

‘Hangs On Your Door’ is released on Friday 26 August and can be purchased from Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.

The EP’s single release ‘Joy Is Rising’ is available at
More information about Nicholas Costello is at ncostellomusic.com

Launch Details

VENUE: The Evelyn Hotel, 351 Brunswick St Fitzroy VIC
DATE: Friday 26 August
SUPPORT: Rowena Wise, McRobin and Amber Isles.
FACEBOOK EVENT:https://www.facebook.com/events/1121802717894489/

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