Q&A Scene: NEDR

Tell us about your new single Stood Here Too?
Stood Here Too was recorded at Studios 301 as a part of winning fenders player plus competition, it was my first time ever recording in a proper studio. This song was about a friend who was packing her late grandfathers home and instead of being stuck in grief we wanted to focus on the hope of seeing him again one day.


What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 

I would say it’s between Stood Here Too and my previous single Bethany because of the variety of styles they both offer.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

I would say a burger, but not just any burger. It has to have a brioche bun to match the sweetness of the background vocals, melted stringy Jack cheese to relax into the groove of the drums and a hearty well seasoned patty of conversational lyrics to sink your teeth into.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

What dom and I have found with writing is that sometimes the best way to write a song, is to hook up two mics, turn up autotune to 100% and just let it rip till you find something you like.

The only other slightly funny thing that isn’t an in joke, is that I have a song called chicken nug coming out at some point 😂.

What, or who, inspires you?

It really can change depending on who I am listening to at the time. But I am inspired by and aim to have the guitar tones of John Mayer, the conversational lyrics and Melodie’s of Lizzy McAlpine and the production of Jeremy Zucker all combined.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

I wish I wrote chemtrails by Lizzy McAlpine

What’s next for you?

Right now I’m pushing to finish off an album and then get out there and start doing shows.

What’s your scene

My scene can vary from a dimly lit bedroom studio not noticing time fly by to school grounds where I work part time to the outdoors playing all kinds of sport with my mates!


Poignant, soothing and irresistibly engaging, the new single 
Stood Here Too from Sydney troubadour NedR blends folk, souljazz and beyondvia a fresh and emotive sonic brush. Like a warm hug of glistening intimacy, the accompanying music video for Stood Here Too, also out today, perfectly complements the emotional heartstrings on firm display throughout the track.


Boasting the warmth of John Mayer and Bon Iver with a salient Aussie twist, Stood Here Too solidifies NedR’s artistic tapestry that he has been steadily cultivating since the release of his first EP Something To Say in 2019. Co-written with Dominik Dale and brought to life following Ned winning the Fender’s Players Plus competition, the end result of Stood Here Too is equally polished and poignant, harnessing a bittersweet memory with overarching hope, as Ned elaborates, “Stood Here Too was inspired by a mate who was in the midst of packing up her late grandfathers house. It talks about the memories that are attached to said place and the hope of seeing him again somedayI wrote this song with Dominik Dale who wrote and made the first initial demo with me and also mastered the final track. Through winning the Fender Players Plus competition, in collaboration with Studios 301, I got to work with Jesse Deskovic who recorded and mixed the track. And my drummer Matthew Ferguson who really enhanced the groove of this song.


Also teaming up with Hustle Media’s Pat Taylor for Stood Here Too’saccompanying music video, the beguiling clip showcases Ned bathed in a warm, solitary spotlight, serenely reflecting the track’s lyrical spiritand calmly inviting you into Ned’s effortlessly charismatic creative universe. “I wanted the visuals to be very simple for this track,” shares Ned of the Stood Here Too music video. “My videographer Pat really wanted to focus in on the image of the sun which is the main illustration throughout the song which was represented by the single spotlight featured in the video. Our aim was to show a time of reflection that we go through when a loved one passes. A time to be by yourself and process your loss.


A raw and honest storyteller capable of weaving vivid melodies and passionate narratives with intimate ease, Ned’s vast sonic scope, traversing everything from jazz to soul, alternative, RnB and folk, has seen him rapidly turn heads in a short space of time. Creatively enamoured by the soothing musical stylings of Matt CorbyTom MischBen Abraham and John Mayer, when Ned isn’t flexing his creative muscles, he can be found working as a maintenance man at a local school, playing sport or knocking back a few coffees; all of which inevitably lead to talking about or playing music. 


Stood Here Too is ultimately presenting not just the first new music of a new year, but also signposting an exciting new chapter, as Nedconcludes, “It feels like a huge weight off my chest to finally release Stood Here Too. This song has been ready for a year now, and I’m excited to show everyone because I feel like I’ve finally found my sound with this track.”


Stood Here Too is out today, Monday January 23.






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