Q&A Scene: Miss Adelaide Everheart from Early Burley Burlesque


Tell us about the idea for this show.
Well, that’s easy. I think women are great! I know lots of talented women and I wanted to have a showcase of all these talented women that I’ve come across.
I’m also sick and tired of seeing shows that have some sort of clumsy political message, or niche themes that only cater to certain audiences. I love pure and simple entertainment. I want to see a show that makes me laugh, forget about my cares and just enjoy a bit of good old fashioned spectacle!

[pullquote]We’re sweet and messy and a little bit tarty! Full of fruit and we love seeing a bit of jelly wobble![/pullquote]The brief for anyone I ask to be in this show is “do whatever you want. If you want to bake a cake on stage, do it! Just as long as it’s fun! If you have fun and are enjoying yourself, then of course the audience will too!

How would you describe your show in food form and why?
Oh! Trifle!
We’re sweet and messy and a little bit tarty! Full of fruit and we love seeing a bit of jelly wobble!

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
Welcome to the jungle. It’s my favourite euphemism for lady parts.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
1920s dance halls. The entertainment from prohibition days. I love how stripped back it was. Just a piano and a girl on stage. A cheeky MC and some irreverent comedy.

What’s next for you?
After a short break for comedy festival in March/April, I’m looking to produce this show monthly, grow the brand and present as many amazing ladies as I possibly can whole having a great time!

What’s your scene?
Ep. 1 Series 3 of BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ where Sherlock bungee jumps through a window and kisses Molly Hooper.

About Early Burley Burlesque

Miss Everheart and Co

Miss Adelaide Everheart showcases a bevy of bold women, in a vaudevillian variety show that harks back to the stripped back, lewd and brassy days of prohibition era dance halls.

Miss Everheart Presents: Early Burly is a comedy and variety show featuring burlesque, circus and cabaret artists liberally sprinkled with songs and satire.

A wonderfully whimsical warble of women will fill the stage with song, comedy and burlesque. A treat for your eyes, ears and funny bones.

Melbourne’s Dancing Doll of Burlesque, Caterina Vitt ceaselessly seduces show goers with her high kicking antics and witty ways. A showgirl at heart and a bit of a tart, she is the tenacious bombshell who has danced around the globe. At the tender age of three, Caterina embarked on her dancing journey and has only ever looked back for the occasional delectable derrière of passers-by. A fervent performer whose juice is worth the squeeze and not as innocent as she seems!

Stunning, confident, alluring, and wildly funny, Anya Anastasia is a sassy cabaret chanteuse with a vivid and somewhat twisted imagination. Currently living between Adelaide and Melbourne, she has traversed the globe with her original songs and bold performance pieces appearing at festivals in Europe, around Australia and NZ. Nominated for best music Dunedin Fringe, and Spirit of the Fringe award, Prague Fringe.

A curvaceous, raven haired beauty with a smile that will knock you off your seat, Ainslie Adams started performing in Melbourne in early 2013. Ainslie enjoys paying homage to old world glamour and decadence while employing a more contemporary soundtrack. She puts the ‘ass’ in class and with a cheeky wink she will be walking into your dreams before she has even walked off stage, leaving you breathless, infatuated, and practically begging for more.

Finally, your Mistress of Ceremonies the Pop Culture Princess, the Geek with the Garters, Glittered-Literati, Belle of the Bard and Purveyor of Puns, flying on to the Butterfly Club stage in a whirlwind of wine and bad jokes, the enabler of debauchery, Miss Adelaide Everheart herself.

Show Details
Dates: Friday 27th February
Time: 6pm
Cost: $32/28 (full / concession)
Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne 3000
Ticket link: thebutterflyclub.com

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