Q&A Scene: Melissa Black

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

The Eden Project. Touring this July 2019 through Tasmania. I am opening theTarkinein Motion Environmental Arts Exhibition at the Long Gallery, Hobart. This is the main show of the tour and other shows will be played around this event. My music films were filmed in Tasmania on the North West Coast. My songs, the artwork and films from The Eden Project encompass the beauty of this wilderness, feminine empowerment and a strong sense of community through family.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

I’m really loving how the track Fallen Angel has captured the hearts and ears of all listeners in its many forms. It has been released previouslyand I just adore how Scott Bird (my producer) and Andrew Beck (my sound engineer) have laid such a sublime groove for thisfavouriteof mine. It’s very much the call for my answer in Eden.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

Red Velvet Cake. First taste cool and refreshing, drawing you into the depth of the next layer with a delightful secret ingredient adding a twist at the end.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Standing on The Edge of the World along the remote coastlineof the Tasmanian wilderness, I stripped off ready for the body artist to merge me into the scene. Standing naked, half merged from the back and in all my glory from the front where I faced the incredible ocean, the crackle of the two way broke into our private space with the words ‘tour bus has just rocked up and there are 70 senior citizens on their way to you’. You know those moments when all you can do is smile, couldn’t wave, however I’m pretty sure I turned up as the random naked stranger in somebody’s holiday photos.

What, or who, inspires you?

Definitely the story tellers. I love stories and when I can get completely lost in the lyrics of a song, or the words in a book then my heart is won.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Arlo Guthries Alice’s Restaurant! Funny as all get out, this song has given me all theonelinersI will ever needand its one of those songs that is still a stand out today.

What’s next for you?

An epic adventure with The Eden Project and Iamreally looking forward to where this is taking me. The next major event is the upcoming release of my ‘Eden’ music film clipon the 10thMay.

What’s your scene?

A beach, definitely and without a doubt a beach, along any coastline, in any weather. Salt water, sand and sea air center me and make me feel all is right with my world.

“Piano driven songs supported by solid groove, understated guitars and a conversational vocal delivery which evokes the rich Australian landscape and an empowering feminine essence “

For the past decade Melissa Black has been a stalwart on the independent original music circuit steadily gathering accolades and building a loyal fan base.

A chance meeting with singer/songwriter Scott Bird led to a production meeting with Riversong Music and the team was assembled to work on ‘The Eden Project’. Pre-production began mid 2016 and tracking started soon after. As the project developed the musical landscape was revealed and the imagery surrounding the songs came into sharp focus. The production team then developed filming ideas around the stories that were emerging from the songs, after spending time as participating artists at Tarkine in Motion 2017. The quality of the recordings and visual concepts led to Melissa becoming a Riversong Music family artist and a valuable contributor to their environmental arts project. Late in 201 7 a group of artists, musicians, filmmakers and support crew entered takayna, immersed themselves in the wild landscape and captured footage to support the release of ‘The Eden Project’, the debut recording for Melissa Black.

Melissa travelled over 2000kms from her home town of Tumbulgum on the far north coast of NSW to merge into the wild takayna landscape. The supporting short film ‘Merging with takayna’ and the visual clip for the title song ‘Eden’ was conceived, captured and created by a group of women who stood united to bring awareness to the takayna region with an environmental arts project which pays homage to country and the deep spiritual and emotional connection we have with our wild places.

Upcoming Shows NSW


17th May – Boh0 & co , Prospero St,

South Murwillumbah NSW

18th May -Launch Of New Shop + Album

10th August – Album showcase for Fundraising Support for Cancer Function House of Gabriel, Riverside Drive,

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