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james-franklin melbourne bank finalist How did you start out in music?

I was always a story teller, but it wasn’t until I became a teenager that I really understood that music was a way to speak to people and create stories inside songs. Once I realised that, I wrote a bunch of tunes and started playing them live. I didn’t know where I wanted to take my music or how I could get it to the next level but I knew I had to pay my dues and become comfortable and confident as a musician so I played hundreds of gigs at pubs/restaurants and festivals in my high school years and now I’m here!

What, or who, inspires you?

I used to think I have to go on holiday or I need to someone to fall in love with so I could write a good song, this definitely hurt my songwriting. Now I realise that inspiration is everywhere, I can allow it to impact me when it needs too, whether that be through a movie, a quote, a slice of cake, a piece of wood, it can be in anything and now that I understand that, my songs are honest.

Optional question: How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

Okay, I think my sound be some kind of secret burger, like one that’s a little different each time you order it. The foundation is always the same though, the buns always the same, the sauce is the same, the lettuce and tomatoes are always there but the burger itself is a little different each time. Maybe there’s a few extra spices in the mix or it’s a whole different patty. It’s surprising but it’s always tasty..

Which song do you wish you wrote?

I don’t want to be greedy, but If I wrote every song on Chris Stapleton’s album “Traveller” I’d be in satisfied.

How did you feel when you were announced as a finalist?

When I found out I was a finalist I think I was eating and it actually distracted me from my food, if something takes my mind off food it has to be a big deal.

In less than five words, convince the readers why they should vote for you.

Have you guys lost weight?

What’s next for you?

I just released my 2nd EP “Pumpkin Pie”, so I am in the middle of performing and writing at the moment. I’m definitely still in the mindset of “Pumpkin Pie” but I planning my next release. Could be another E.P or I could go for the full length album? Who knows.

What’s your scene?

I think I have one foot in the roots music scene and one in the pop scene. This allows me to do my own thing and find my own sound but still get inspirations from the greats of all genres.

“James Franklin’s music can be defined as attitude-packed soul/pop. Whilst love and joy is predominant in Franklin’s music, he is also the perfect example of why you should always be nice to a songwriter. If not, you might just be the victim of his next song.”

At age 15 with a small collection of songs, James Franklin began his career playing in anything from homes to clubs to large halls and festivals around Australia, working tirelessly to find his sound and style. Franklin now has over 300 shows under his belt including performances with 5 Seconds Of Summer, shows in the U.K and Europe and most recently, Franklin launched his second studio EP “Pumpkin Pie”in June 2016 with a headline show in Melbourne, Australia.

Franklin cites Sam Cooke, Led Zeppelin and James Taylor as a few of his biggest influences. The ability to understand how all music is connected is how Franklin found his sound, a sound that combines Blues, Rock, Funk and Country, a sound that pays tribute to his heroes but stays fresh and current, a sound everyone can connect with…

“When I first heard James Franklin I felt like I had made a new friend,
Franklin’s music is easy to connect with because I can feel his honesty, I know he’s telling the truth….”

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