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Tell us about your new single ‘Hold Ya’? 

Hold Ya was written at the beginning of the pandemic when we were forced into lockdown across the globe.  It became really apparent how much extra strain that puts on relationships, whether they be romantic, friendships, family otherwise.  Hold Ya is about a romantic relationship between two people suffering from the strain of life, however whilst the subject matter is heavy it is a song filled with hope. 

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?  

I would have to say my current single Hold Ya.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

I guess it would be a dark chocolate and raspberry Magnum ice-cream, served with a slice of carrot cake. A dreamy, silky indulgent moment that’s actually good for you.

 Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

On the road would have to be the time that I supported Cold Chisel.  I had just played the Cairns show and was headed to Townsville.  When I arrived for soundcheck I grabbed my things and raced up on to stage with my acoustic guitar.  I set myself up and took the first strum and my guitar basically exploded.  It was a really hot week and the heat must have slowly shifted the glue under the bridge of my guitar which caused it to launch itself off the body and swing around at lightning speed almost taking my eye out.  I stood there stunned and not knowing what to do.  Luckily one of the sound techs from the Chisel crew loaned me a guitar for my set and then I got the band to sign my broken acoustic after I had finished. Stressful experience but at least I came out of it with a good story to tell.

What, or who, inspires you?

I am forever inspired by independent artists killing it in the Australian Music scene and doing it without a huge team around them.  As an Indie artist myself, watching others succeed like this fills me with hope that forging a career as an Indie artist in this country is possible.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Anything be the Beatles.

What’s next for you?

Writing, recording, shows.  I hope!

What’s your scene?

Drinking beers with my favourite people on the back of the boat over to Fitzroy Island.

“‘Hold Ya’ is a slick piece of dreamy pop from the critically-acclaimed far north Queensland artist” Rolling Stone

Three times Queensland Music Award winner, singer songwriter LT today shares her delightful new single, Hold Ya – a sugary slice of heartening dream pop.  The track is accompanied by a charming Chelsey Johnston video that perfectly captures some lovely moments of connection between people.

Soaked in nostalgia, Hold Ya is clever indie pop that showcases LT at her best.  Littered with triumphant brass notes and uplifting guitar, the track is buoyed by LT’s dreamy voice with that refreshing Aussie pronounciation she’s known for.  “Hold Ya was written during a pretty turbulent time,” explains LT, “It’s a story about two people in love, however through the struggles they’ve endured they begin to drift apart.  Neither of them want to leave, but both of them are desperately seeking reassurance that the other wants them to in fact stay and it turns out they both do.” Listen to Hold Ya

Already notching up some impressive acclaim pre-release, Hold Ya placed LT as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and a finalist in the Queensland Music Awards (Blues & Roots category).  And LT’s last single Overthinker was part of the Slow Down Songs campaign last month, she’s one of ten Queensland acts (including Jungle Giants, Tijuana Cartel and more) who have donated their tunes to a Spotify campaign addressing road safety outside schools, alerting drivers when they are five kilometres from a school zone. The Slow Down Songs campaign on behalf of the Australian Road Safety Foundation sees Spotify insert the songs, edited to include the safety message, into the personalised playlists of its Queensland premium users.  

Filmed and edited by emerging filmmaker and fellow Cairns local, Chelsey Johnston, with visual effects and animation by Annie Murray from Bigger Picture Animation, LT insights, “Chelsey had the beautiful idea of capturing moments of connection between people. Mothers and daughters, best friends and lovers all connecting in different ways.  She messed around with the speed of the track during the filming process, which really signified to me the changes of pace we all experience in any relationship.  Relationships change, move, disappear and re-invent themselves all the time and our life can be quite tough if we don’t allow them to do that.  Sometimes you’ve got to try harder, and sometimes you have to let go.  We chose to film at the Cairns Roller Skating Rink as it’s dear to the community and holds so many memories and stories of connection within its 1980s decor.”

The UK-born, Papua New Guinea-raised, far north Queensland resident, LT recently rebranded from Leanne Tennant. After the release of her third studio album Happiness Is….. in the troubled year of 2020, Leanne had the space and time to reflect on her career to date – and where she wanted to head in 2021.  She explains, “I rarely ever get called by my full name, and I really felt that after such a complicated year it was time to simplify my life and go by the name most know me by and start 2021 with a fresh outlook. LT feels so right to me.” 

Thrilled to get back to performing live after the year that was, LT recently supported Bernard Fanning and has announced shows at Bearded Lady (Brisbane) on April 17, Brother Jenkins (Cairns) on April 22 and will play the Sunshine Sounds Festival (Eumundi, QLD) on May 1 and 2.

Hold Ya is out now.

Stream: HOLD YA +





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