Q&A Scene: Lou Scarrs

Tell us about your new EP, What We Do.

My EP ‘What We Do’ has been unleashed into the world after a few months in the oven on medium heat. Golden brown, she’s cooked to perfection. A little caramelization around the edges but no matter, that just brings the flavour. I really should have had breakfast today.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

The title track of this EP, What We Do is definitely my favourite. Smatterings of the 00’s hip hop that soundtracked the teen parties of my youth, coupled with some gnarly guitar work. Throw in some lyrics that document the moments of love vs hate in a toxic relationship and you have a song. Yeah I wasn’t sure those elements would work together either but you’d be surprised.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Driving home after a show in Adelaide with my old band, we took off from the lights in a hurry to get to Hungry Jacks for a post gig Whopper. The boot flew open and all our gear went flying into a busy city intersection. Cymbals were rolling down the road, a snare drum crashed into a post box and a bass refused to give way to an ‘87 commodore. That was one hard-earned whopper.

What, or who, inspires you?

Right now I’m inspired by Noel Gallagher’s use of a pair of scissors as an instrument on Jools Holland. Frankly it inspires feelings of jealousy. Why didn’t I think of it first and the like. But then I get to thinking, what other household items remain under utilized in modern song? A phillips head perhaps? A cheese knife? What sound does gouda make under duress? Find out on my next record.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Honestly I wish I wrote Power by Kanye West or at least had a hand in it. I don’t wish I had performed it though. I reckon the lyrics may have sounded insincere coming from a white guy born in the South Eastern burbs of Melbourne.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

Reading my answer to question 1 again, I think I was referring to a lasagna. You know, the layers and all of that.

What’s next for you?

New single is written and ready for some studio time. It’s working title is DNA and it bears no relation to Kendrick Lamar’s song of the same name. Talented prick beat me to it.

What’s your scene?

I’ll tell you what’s not my scene. Cleaning 4 litres of motor oil out of my car boot carpet on a sunny Saturday which is exactly what I’ll be doing after this. Yes, I secured the lid. The lid failed me. Honestly looks like a greasy crime scene in there. One person has suggested kitty litter to start with. I hate cats.

Lou Scarrs’ schedule for his former musical project looked like a young musician’s dream come true: Glastonbury in the UK, check. SXSW in the States, check. Aussie Festivals: Splendour In The Grass, Big Day Out and Golden Plains, check. With all this, spurred on by substantial airplay on Triple J, it seemed like he had it made but the time had come for the former Money For Rope guitarist to follow his own sound, take the leap and go solo.“Going solo felt like jumping out of a plane from 20,000 ft. You take that leap and you feel elated that you had the balls to jump. But then you panic and try and roll over mid-air a couple times to double check there’s a parachute on your back”. Lou Scarrs

Scarrs enlisted fellow Aussie, producer Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy) to help shape the songs and sound. The entire debut EP ‘What We Do’ was recorded at Dawson’s Abbotsford Aviary studio’s. “One thing I loved about working with Oscar was that he was able to really build on a song’s strengths. A few times he’d take a tiny idea I had tucked away deep within a demo and we’d build on that. It was exciting to me that sometimes the part that I thought best in song got trumped by a little tidbit I had covered in reverb in the background.” The result was four raw, resolute tracks, true to Lou Scarrs new soun

‘All I Ever Knew’ the first single to drop is a hard hitting no bullshit record, which harvested rave reviews:

“This sounds big. Y’know, the sort of song that you could hear blasting from the work site or that you might find on the Batman Forever soundtrack Triple J Unearthed Dave Ruby Howe

What We Do comes right at you with a bang: powerful vocals over hard-hitting drums contrasting with soothing strings, and a crazy catchy chorus” Glamglare

The colossal bass and drums thunder from the get-go in a seductive amalgamation of brit-pop and big beat that somehow finds yet another gear in the powerhouse chorus to bring it on homeWith Guitars

Following up with three unapologetically honest singles ‘Lapdog’, ‘Measure Up’ and ‘What We Do’ Scarrs takes you a on a journey of resurrection, love and rock ‘n’ roll. Influences can be heard from powerhouse artists The Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand throughout the scorching debut EP.

Italian blog Noisyroad describes ‘Lapdog’ as “ irrimediabilmente catchy” which loosely translates to “Lapdog is irresistibly catchy” and this couldn’t be more spot on. A manifesto of sorts the opening single is straight to the point with Scarrs laying it all on the line with lyrics ‘filling my lungs, I’ll take the best of the ones all around me and then I’m gonna make it my own” all the while entwined with twisted guitar hooks and stand out drums parts.

What We Do’ tells a tale of tumultuous relationships and the toll they take. There’s a real Jekyll and Hyde-ness to the lyrics “sometimes I love you so much, sometimes I hate your very touch…”

Last but not least and Scarrs personal favouriteMeasure Up’ is his very own pep talk track, lyrics “get up off the canvas and keep truckin” perfectly compliment Scarrs raw and dominant vocals.

‘What We Do’ is available now https://www.louscarrs.com.au




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