Q&A Scene: Lachlan McGuffie ~ WHOA!

Tell us about your new single? 

You know when you’re in that middle ground with someone? Before you start officially dating and you just start fucking and the bloods boiling and everything’s all happening at once, that song’s pretty much about that.  We wrote the music for it in a jam we have (95% of our songs are jams) and then yeah bam, boom add some flare and some innuendo filled lyrics and Stay The Night was born.
What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 
Our single? Or maybe not, to be really honest we really just like experimenting. So maybe one of our live jams. Maybe we should record it? I don’t know… we’re not that organised, haha.
Tell us a quick, on-the-road anecdote. 
Find a shitty porn novel and turn into an audio book using your aux chord and let your mind run wild xx Also don’t be a dickhead. Also don’t overplay your music because everyone’s different and likes different things okay, teamwork makes the dream work.
What, or who, inspires you to create? 
Well okay, serious answer. Everyone that we meet and everything we listen to inspires us, that’s the whole point of our music I guess. To simply create though any and all inspiration we hear, see and feel.
Which song do you wish you wrote? 
Pretty much every song we have on our phones, if you love them don’t you wish you could be as good as that? But to be straight up Crowded House – Don’t Dream Its Over.
What’s next for you?
We’ve got lots of songs and we like playing live. So record release play? Our shows are a bit nuts, so it’s always a good time to play to a new audience.
What’s your scene? 
An extra-dimensional pleasure garden.
Emerging from the South East corner of Queensland comes Whoa! Meeting at Griffith University on the Gold Coast only last year, this quintet consists of a diverse mix of musicians, all who have incredible talent, energy and stage presence that has gained them a fierce reputation around their hometown. With only four shows under their belt, the band have supported Sydney band Planet, The Vanns and played the Ozfest After Party (Ball Park Music, British India). [pullquote]”Colourful, rowdy and with zero fucks given, Whoa! are the fresh new face of Aussie pop rock and Stay The Night is a testament to this. Pulsing with energy and some seriously catchy hooks…” HAPPY[/pullquote] They then announced their debut headline show, and over 300 paying ticket holders were drooling over Whoa!’s ever unpredictable live set, almost selling out Miami Shark Bar, and cementing the band’s reputation as one of the Gold Coast’s most formidable live bands. With their debut single “Stay The Night” set for release today, Whoa! are set to make huge waves in 2017.
‘Stay The Night’ is released independently on Friday 30th June 2017.

UPCOMING SHOWS: Saturday 2nd September 2017 – Great Northern, Byron Bay, NSW

WHOA! ONLINE: Facebook | Instagram


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