Q&A Scene: Josh Pyke

Tell us about your new single BE YOUR BOY / album BUT FOR ALL THESE SHRINKING HEARTS and national album tour?
I’m really looking forward to playing these songs live on the road. It’ll be the first time the full band has played a lot of these songs, and that’s a dynamic that i really enjoy in terms of performing. Looking forward to playing the Zoo Twilight series too. Last time we were given a guided zoo tour before the show, which was a lot of fun. In general I’m just looking forward to getting out and spreading the awaieness of the new record.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
I think the question could be rephrased as “why would you describe your sound in food form?” But since I’ve been asked, I reckon a Shanghai Dumpling is close. Seems fairly straightforward at first, but there’s a fair bit of complexity when you get inside. Plus I’d like to think you’ll be hungry for more in about half an hour.

Which of your songs resonates most strongly and why?
Honestly there isn’t just one. It’s too hard to choose even a couple since every song is intensely personal for me as the writer.

I like the idea that one of my songs may especially resonate with a punter, because it seems to fit their circumstance, but for me, they’ll always mean so much that i can’t choose.

Tell us a quick, on the road, anecdote.
Once when we were already running late for a show in Western Australia. (i think it was in Albany), we got a flat tire, and the rental car company had failed to put a spare in the boot.

We were less than 40 minutes out of town, and it was a solo show, so i don’t have heaps of gear.
We flagged down a farm truck, and literally had to travel to the show in the back with a couple of cages of chickens and a farm dog.

We made it in time, and the farmer even stayed for the show. I don’t think he liked it, but he was very polite about it all.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

From the ether! Everywhere, sometimes nowhere. Sometimes books, films, art. Sometimes from conversations or snippets of random text.

Sometimes from experimenting with different sounds.

I think anything can be inspiring, but it’s hard to separate the good ideas from the bad, and that’s where trusting your instincts comes in.

Which song do you wish you wrote?
White Christmas. highest selling single EVER.

What’s next for you?
The touring cycle next year is going to take up he forseeable future. I’m releasing my own craft beer with Young Henry’s brewery in January which will be great. Bought a new surfboard, going to do that too.

What’s your scene?
I don’t know. I never have known. Even in high school i didn’t have a scene. These days i think my scene is my family, my wife and two little boys, we’re a pretty awesome scene.


About Josh Pyke

Charles Redheffer had it all wrong. In 1812, the American inventor claimed the unthinkable: the world’s first perpetual motion machine, a machine which moved endlessly, to an infinite end… free of energy source or loss. Physics deemed it impossible, but Redheffer was insistent.

“He believed his own myth so much that he invited a sceptic to inspect it,” explains Josh Pyke, who discovered Redheffer’s tale while Googling for tattoo ideas. After discovering a catgut wire, the sceptic trailed it to a secret room – and Redheffer’s scam was up. “He found an old man cranking a wheel: in one hand he had the wheel turning, while in the other he was holding a sandwich… Turned out he was really bored!”


Read into Redheffer’s conviction as a metaphor for modern society’s ignorance in the face of environmental disaster, and you’re on the same path as Josh Pyke – who tells the tale as an introduction to his highly anticipated fifth album, But For All These Shrinking Hearts.

“What the story made me realise is that creativity isn’t bound by physical laws of nature and science,” explains Josh, the LP’s cover artwork based on the story. “The ultimate perpetual motion is creativity. I wouldn’t say that’s the theme of this record exactly, but the whole idea was fascinating to me. I loved the image: the old guard, cranking the wheels.” Pyke got a similar spark via Bruce Springsteen, the ‘Born To Run’ star discussing his battle with writer’s block. “Bruce had a breakthrough when his wife said, ‘There are more songs in you than you’ll have time to write in your lifetime.’ That reminded me about how our society doesn’t value creative output as the amazing asset it really is. A lot of this record is me thinking about my relationship with creativity.”

With multiple ARIAs, APRAs, gold records, and 4 top 10 debuts, this 5th album sees Pyke as no stranger to recognition.

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