Q&A Scene: Joe White ~ THE JENSENS

Tell us about your new single PAPER WALLS?

Paper Walls is a pretty light, fun song with a more serious subject matter, something I like to do a lot. I wrote the bones of the song on ableton, which is where I start all my songs. It was just a goof at first, I think i was listening to The Wombats in a sort of nostalgic irony type way and wanted to imitate it haha, 15 year old me was obsessed with The Wombats. We jammed it out and added a couple of layers and could see the potential. The chorus always begged me for introspection lyrically so I essentially wrote an abusive text message to myself about trying harder.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 

My favourite Jensens track is always whatever we’ve just released. When people are hearing a song for the first time you can start to hear it with fresh ears too and you fall in love with the melody and the rhythm all over again and realise why you even played those chords for a second and third time. We always like to look forward so having something that’s current always pleases us the most.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

Tough one, we all have pretty different tastes and dietary requirements so to sum it up for all of us would be hard. I guess it would be a decent spread at a well organised birthday picnic in the park, diversity of taste and texture and people can just take what they want.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

One time on tour we were driving from Canberra to Sydney and our manager woke us up at like 5am because there was snow outside, we pulled over and got out cause me and Phil had literally never seen snow before. Our tour diary usually involves many many beers, a Kia Carnival and very nearly missed flights.

What, or who, inspires you?

David Bowie, the constant existential threat of civilizational collapse, Frank Ocean, Matty Healy, my friends, my mum, anyone who stood up for what they believe in, even if it was unpopular, Hunter S. Thompson, Yuvaal Noah Harari, Morrissey, Amy Winehouse, Kali Uchis, Xavier Dolan, a good book, a great movie, a hot f*ck.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Everybody Wants To Rule The World. It’s been my favourite song since I was 14, every single time I hear it I just stop what I’m doing and it becomes me.

What’s next for you?

We’re putting out our second album. It’s really good, we’re really happy with it, it’s the most ‘us’ thing we’ve done yet. We just wanna have fun and speak our minds and meet like minded people and make art and dance and fall in love.

What’s your scene?

I feel like I’ve been asking myself that question for a long, long time. I change my mind every day and maybe at one point I would have said I was a punk or I was into hip-hop or it was all about glamorous, indie rock and roll but I think it’s much more interesting to be undecided. But definitely queer.

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